Grade: Middle
Subject: Mathematics

#4245. Pythagorean Theorem

Mathematics, level: Middle
Posted Sat Nov 8 11:13:26 PST 2008 by Cristina Fusco (Cristina Fusco).

Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
Activity Time: 1 -2 class periods for full lesson
Concepts Taught: Triangles lengths


Student Teacher's Name: Cristina Fusco Date: 11/08/08
Grade Level secondary Topic/Unit: math
School: District:


The goal of this lesson is for student to calculate the unknown side of a right triangle, with the other two sides.


The students will apply the order of operations to figure out the missing lengths of the triangle. Verify and interpret results using the math equations learned. Determine the outcome of the expressions and be able to check the answer.

Learning Resources and Materials

Board to write on and writing utensils
Handouts/Homework assignment
Power point presentation

Development of Lesson

Make copies of handouts prior to class and have answer key ready
Confirm adequate number of calculators or make adjustments
Get power point ready ( can be found on my webpage -- url provided)
Start lesson


The student will be able to cooperate with group members during the lecture.
Start explaining the basics to lead up to the theorem. Briefly explain the theorem and show examples. Have the class practice on the handouts and practice problems.


Students can share calculators.
The students that grasp the concept quicker can help those who need further assistance.
This lesson can be taught with hands on, visual, auditory, and verbal.
Quizzes, tests, and homework can check their understanding of the lesson.
View Different methods if the concept was not understood.


The students will be able to id a right triangle and to describe the theorem. They will be able to define what is needed and how much information is required to configure the theorem.


Did the students understand the material?
Was enough material covered in the lesson plan?
Can anything be changed to better the plan?

Teacher Reflection

To be continued. . .