Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#4246. Light Years Away

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Nov 8 18:34:46 PST 2008 by Ms. Mary Arbanas (Ms. Mary Arbanas).
Wayne State University, GP, United States
Materials Required: Kidspiration/Computer/Pencil/Paper
Activity Time: 1-2 Hours
Concepts Taught: Astronomy/Solar System


The students in this lesson will gain a better understanding of objects in the sky and about planets in our solar system. Students will gather information from the website They will utilize the information to make a graphic organizer about the attributes of one planet in Kidspiration.


NETS Standards:
Technology Foundations Standards for All Students:
- Technology Productivity Tools
Students use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity.
- Technology Research Tools
Students use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources.
Science Standard:
K-7 E.ST.04.11 Identify common objects in the sky, such as the sun and the moon

Learning Resources and Materials

Kidspiration Software

Development of Lesson

Prior to this lesson, the educator has already introduced the solar system unit to the class therefore, they are already familiarized with this topic. By incorporating Kidspiration into the lesson, the technology software is a valuable visual tool for the students to access in order to learn more in depth about the planets. The use of Kidspiration adds importance to this lesson because students will create a graphic organizer that they customize on their own. This allows students to enhance and promote their own sense of creativity. The students prior to this lesson are already familiar with the usages of Kidspiration.

To begin this lesson the students will be working in pairs and be assigned to a computer within the schools computer lab.

To begin this lesson, the educator will have her computer screen projected on an overhead in front of the class to display the webpage being used for the lesson. This will allow the students to become familiar with the site and what is expected for the assignment. As a class, the teacher will show them specifically where to find the information about their planet of choice. Also, the teacher will show the students what information on their specific planet is most important to record.

The educator will open the website each student's computer.

Next, the teacher will inform the class that they will be exploring one specific planet on the website.

After completing and exploring the website for about 30 minutes the children will open the Kidspiration program, in which they are already familiar with.
Next, they will create a graphic organizer based on the planet they chose.

After completing the technology part of the assignment students will discuss as a class their planet and the information that they gathered. This way all the students will become familiar with all the planets in our solar system and their individual characteristics.


Those students that have a difficult time using computers and navigating through the website will receive the educators help.


Students will be assessed both informally and formally. The teacher will observe how the students work together in pairs, how they follow directions and how they pay attention to the lesson. Also, their participation in class discussion will be looked at. The teacher will assess the students' graphic organizer using a simple rubric.


Once everyone had completed the Kidspiration graphic organizer, the students will discus their work as a class. They will tell the instructor what they found most enjoyable about the lesson, and share any additional information regarding the solar system.

Teacher Reflection