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Subject: Language

#4248. Ugly as a Toad + more idioms

Language, level: all
Posted Sun Nov 9 15:23:45 PST 2008 by Kelly Myer (Kelly Myer).
where I found the book ~ worth it!
Materials Required: picture book Ugly as a Toad by Julie Fox
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: idioms, figurative language, poetry, character change...

This book has a lot of teaching potential.

Read the story Ugly as a Toad to the classroom.

Next, discuss the idioms in the story. What do they mean? You can guide them, or you can have them use the computer. You can give them puzzle pieces made from paper and have them match up with their partner and explain to the class what their idiom means.

As an extension you can have them pick a different idiom not in the book and find the meaning and create a small comic about it.

Other ideas for this book are writing, poetry, friendship and self esteem.

Introduce Idioms and figurative langage.
+Match the idiom with it's meaning.


I Feel Poem

I feel as ___________as a ______________
I feel as ___________as a ______________
I feel as ___________as a ______________
I feel as ___________as a ______________
I feel as ___________as a ______________