Grade: Elementary

#4249. Honest Abe

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
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Student Teacher's Name___Maribeth Cote_______________ Date: 11/2008

Grade Level 2nd Topic/Unit: Reading School: District:

The main concept within this lesson is having the students find a love for reading. Included in the lesson will be a reading, writing, and presentation aspect.
R.WS.02.01 demonstrate phonemic awareness by the wide range of sound manipulation competencies including sound blending and deletion.
R.WS.02.02 recognize that words are composed of sounds blended together and carry meaning.
R.WS.02.05 automatically recognize frequently encountered words in print whether encountered in connected text or in isolation with the number of words that can be read fluently increasing steadily across the school year.
R.WS.02.11 in context, determine the meaning of words and phrases including objects, actions, concepts, content vocabulary, and literary terms, using strategies and resources including context clues, mental pictures, and questioning.
R.FL.02.01 automatically recognize and fluently read identified grade-level high frequency words encountered in or out of context.
R.FL.02.02 use punctuation cues (periods and question marks) when reading aloud with intonation, pauses, and emphasis.
R.FL.02.03 read aloud unfamiliar text with a minimum of 90% accuracy in word recognition at an independent reading level.
R.AT.02.01 be enthusiastic about reading and learning how to read.
R.AT.02.02 do substantial reading and writing on their own during free time in school and at home.
W.GN.02.01 write a narrative piece such as realistic fiction, fantasy, or personal narrative depicting major story events, using illustrations to match mood, and containing setting, problem/solution, and sequenced events.
Learning Resources and Materials
1.) Computer
2.) Kispiration Software
3.) Paper
4.) Pencil
5.) Pictures of student
Development of Lesson
1.) The students would be prepared by completing a session on reading and writing.
2.) The focus and interest would be grabbed by having the lesson revolve around the student.
3.) The Story of My Life lesson would be connected to all past reading and writing that has been taught up to that point.

1.) Read the story "Abe Lincoln: The Boy Who Loved Books" by Kay Winters and Nancy Carpenter
2.) Then use the Kidspiration on this webpage,731,734,735,736,737,738,739,740,741,742,743,744,745,746,747,748
3.) Have the students fill out the outline on the previous webpage.
4.) The students will then take that out and write The Story of My Life.
5.) The students can add pictures if they want.
1.) Extra time is the student requires.
2.) Teachers' aide available to assist students if needed.
3.) Computer software to assist the students if they have a visual, physical, hearing and/or disability that requires them to complete a task that they may not be able to complete.
1.) If the Abe Lincoln book is read aloud then the teacher can listen to how well the students understand the reading and/or how well the fluency and comprehension of words are to the student.
2.) Have the students hand in the outline that was developed through Kidspiration.
3.) Read and evaluate how well the student completed the My Story assignment.
4.) Evalaute how well the student completed the in class presentation about their story.
This would help me to develop other lessons that can be streacthed to cover other lessons within different content areas. There is only so much time within a school day so when you can successfully combine different content areas into one lesson it will benefit the quality and quanity of curriculm that can be taught.
Teacher Reflection
Would complete after the lesson is taught to see what went well and what should be changed.