Grade: Elementary
Subject: other

#425. Biography book reports

, level: Elementary
Posted Tue May 5 15:35:17 PDT 1998 by Barb Ackerman (
Sacred Heart, Fremont, OH
Materials Required: Biography of their choice and a costume made up by them
Activity Time: week
Concepts Taught: Reading and oral presentation

I wanted the kids to do an oral report and a biography so I put them together. I know sometimes that can be boring so I thought of a way to spice it up alittle. The kids seemed to have a ball with it. Let them choose a biography with atleast 100 pages. Tell them that they have a month to read the book and report on it. In order to make sure that they were keeping up, I had them write 20 facts in order on index cards. These index cards were allowed to be used during their presentation. At two weeks, I checked everyone's index cards and made sure they had about half of it finished. Then I told them for the presentation, they had to dress up as their characters. They had alot of fun doing this. We even ended up with a husband and a wife. Their index cards just had a fact on each and they needed to expand from that. It turned out really well