Subject: Language

#4251. Alphabet sounds

Language, level: Kindergarten
Posted Sun Nov 9 17:39:48 PST 2008 by Melissa (Melissa).
Wayne State, Detroit, Michigan
Materials Required: Computer, activity cards
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: Identifies introduced letters.

Language Arts:
Identifies introduced letters.
Generates sounds for all introduced consonants.

Phonics: R.WS.00.03 understand the alphabetic principle, that sounds in words are expressed by the letters of the alphabet.

Learning Resources and Materials
*Activity Cards (these activity cards contain words that match each picture I've put in a template).

Development of Lesson
"As you all now, we've been working on learning the alphabet. We've just sang the alphabet song like we do everyday and we played alphabet bingo; now we are going to use the computer to learn more about the sounds each letter makes. Today we will be learning about the letter 'A'."

1. Give the introduction to the class.
2. Pass out Activity Cards.
3. "These are called activity cards. We are using the cards today for the letter 'A.'
4. "Get with your partners and go to the computer stations."
5. "Log into the computer like we've been doing and click on the link I've provided."
6. Ask if there are any questions so far.
7. "Once you open the link, move the mouse until the cursor is on the letter 'A' and click it to open."
8. "After you do this, click on each picture and type the matching word from the activity cards."
9. "If you need help, raise your hand. I'll be walking around to make sure we are all on the right track."

Students work with partners so they can help each other.
Students are allowed to work at their own paces.
The teacher walks around to help the students who need more attention.

The teacher monitors how well the child is doing by walking around the classroom and by keeping a journal with notes on each student to monitor their progress and any difficulties they are having.

"Today we practiced with the letter 'A' and recognized the sound it makes. Feel free to practice more at home if you wish."