Grade: Middle
Subject: Mathematics

#4255. metric system

Mathematics, level: Middle
Posted Mon Nov 10 20:49:58 PST 2008 by daineacia payne (daineacia payne).
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Materials Required: ruler
Concepts Taught: metric


Student Teacher's Name: Daineacia Payne Date: Nov 10, 2008

Grade Level 5 Topic/Unit: metric conversions School: District:


Science Processes S.IP.06.14 using metric measurement devices in an investigation

Know, and convert among, measurement units within a given system
M.UN.05.01 Recognize the equivalence of 1 liter, 1,000 ml and 1,000 cm3 and include
conversions among liters, milliliters, and cubic centimeters.
M.UN.05.02 Know the units of measure of volume: cubic centimeter, cubic meter, cubic inches,
cubic feet, cubic yards, and use their abbreviations (cm3, m3, in3, ft3, yd3).
M.UN.05.03 Compare the relative sizes of one cubic inch to one cubic foot, and one
cubic centimeter to one cubic meter.
M.UN.05.04 Convert measurements of length, weight, area, volume, and time within a given
system using easily manipulated numbers.

Learning Resources and Materials


Development of Lesson

We are going to first start off by giving a history of the metric system.
Also I will go into how the metric system is accepted as universal world-wide, however the United States still use the standard system.

I will then go into how you can convert between the standard system and the metric system and you can also convert within the metric system.


I will use the method of memorization with some conversions i.e. 2.54 centimeters equal 1 inch. I will also have the students memorize the prefixes in the metric system i.e. kilo, centi, milli, etc

I will offer cheat sheets at first but I will tell them the ones I would like for them to remember. I also would encourage the students to utilize the online websites I will offer them.

I will give them a test on memorization of the prefixes and the standard/metric conversions I think would be beneficial for them to learn. I also would give them a test where they will have to apply what they learned to real life situations


I will end the lesson by showing that metric conversions are not just in mathematics but in all areas of the sciences.

Teacher Reflection
I cannot stress the importance of learning the metric system at an early age. You will utilize this in all aspects of life and at different levels of your life.