Grade: Elementary

#4260. Rhyming Words/Using Technology

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Nov 12 07:44:15 PST 2008 by Lauren Checkeroski (Lauren Checkeroski ).
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Wayne State University,, US
Concepts Taught: Rhyming Words/Using Technology

• The students will drag and drop rhyming words within a Venn diagram
• Use technology to share and communicate information with others.
• Open and save a document to/from a specific folder.
• Identify the appropriate application for the task by name.
• Drag and drop.
• Review basic word processing skills: format text, edit, and print.


Students know how to use a variety of productivity software to convey ideas and illustrate concepts

Learning Resources and Materials

Computer with Kidspiration
Green Eggs and Ham Book by Dr. Seuss
Green Eggs and Ham template

Development of Lesson
The students will be introduced to the book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. They will be asked to listen for words that sound the same and words that may be spelled the same. Also, they will already have some prior knowledge of how to use a computer but will be given verbally the proper use of using one.

The teacher will read the book to the class as a whole.

As a class, the students will choose a list of words that have the same beginning and ending sounds.
The teacher will then demonstrate on a computer how to:
Open document named Green Eggs and Ham
Drag and drop the rhyming words in the Venn diagram.
Print document.
Name and save the document to the student's folder.


Advanced learners can enhance the Venn diagram by adding more words from another story using Kidspiration

I would make sure that we had a little extra help in the room, incase the students had any trouble with using Kidspiration.

I would make sure to group students carefully so that all the students with needs would be separated.

The more advanced students would give those with needs a little boost.

The students having even more difficulty could use the talking version of Kidspiration

Language Arts:
The teacher will check to see that the learner has placed the words within the Venn diagram correctly.

Observe students using technology to share and communicate information with others.
Observe students opening and saving a document to/from a specific folder.
Observe students identifying the appropriate application for the task by name.
Observe students formatting text, editing, and printing.


As a class we would go over the assignment and see what rhyming words we discovered. Also, where did we have trouble and what they liked best about Kidspiration. The students will be given the opportunity to further expand the use of Venn Diagrams in Kidspiration and showing the teacher that they mastered it during free computer class time or as a homework assignment.

Teacher Reflection