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#4261. Christmas Tree Pins to Wear - craft

Art, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Nov 12 08:30:30 PST 2008 by Jenna on Teachers.Net Arts & Crafts Chatboard (Jenna on Teachers.Net Arts & Crafts Chatboard).
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Christmas Tree Cinnamon Stick Pin to Wear

Christmas Tree Pins to Wear...

Something that I did a few years ago was to get cinnamon sticks, various prints of holiday fabric cut into strips, small wooden stars, and "pins" to hot glue on the back to make a pin that the parents could wear. These pins are the sold in a package at a craft store and usually are gold.
They have a flat panel to glue on a surfact and then the clasp and pin that the parents open and pin to their shirt. Here's what we did:

1. Wooden Star: paint with yellow paint or color with yellow marker and then set aside

2. Take small cinnamon stick and tie strips of fabric on the stick. Once the who stick has fabric strips down it, I would come around to the kids and cut the sides of the strips in the shape of a Christmas tree.

3. Hot glue or I guess you could use craft glue to glue the pin on the back of the cinnamon stick and glue the yellow star to the top of the front of the cinnamon stick fabric Christmas tree.