#4266. Here's a Little Groundhog poem & printable page pre-k - 2

Reading/Writing, level: Kindergarten
Posted Sun Nov 30 19:17:22 PST 2008 by Mary Miehl (Mary Miehl).
Groundhog printable

Here's a Little Groundhog
(for pre-k - Gr. 2)

from Mary Miehl

Read the poem to the children and have them read it back to you. Discuss what happens if the groundhog sees his shadow and what happens if he does not.

Depending upon what happened that day, have the children draw and color a shadow for the groundhog or leave the picture absent of a shadow. You might also want to do some calendar work and elicit predictions from the children as to when they might expect to see some signs of spring. Click below for the printable stored elsewhere on Teachers.Net