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#4267. Beginning Paragraphs

other, level: Senior
Posted Tue Dec 2 13:40:30 PST 2008 by Andrea Eisenmenger (Andrea Eisenmenger).
NYU, New York, NY
Materials Required: graphic organizer, instructions
Activity Time: 45 minutes & homework
Concepts Taught: Spanish - writing sentences & paragraphs

Lesson Plan: Beginning Paragraphs

Previous Lesson: Students learned how to use various forms of tener as well as classroom vocabulary words, names of classes, periods (1st, 2nd, 3rd), and times.

AIM: How do we use our new vocabulary and apply it to our daily lives?

Objectives: Students will be able to use new vocabulary along with the verb tener.

Materials/ Classroom set-up: Usual set-up of students sitting in the desks in a horse-shoe shape, students notebooks, and overhead projector.

Do Now: Take out your notebooks and answer questions on the board in Spanish. The words that they will translate to Spanish form a complete sentence when placed together. This structure will help them start at the bottom with one word at a time and at the end they will be able to see the entire sentence, making their assignment seem more manageable.

Motivation: Pictures of classroom items, questions about items, TPRS.


1. Teacher asks students to answer questions and identify items in Spanish. Review of vocabulary and tener ( 10 -- 15 minutes)

2. Ask students to write 8-10 sentences describing their classes; when they begin, end, how the teacher is, and what items they use or see in the class (20 minutes)
a. Students are given a graphic organizer and list of questions to help them get started on the information they need to put together for the assignment. This makes the info more manageable and organized for them.

3. Homework/Follow-up lesson:
a. Students will complete a draft of their essay to turn in tomorrow.
b. Evaluation: Based on rubric and will examine the effort put forth.

4. Concluding Remarks/ Reflection:
a. The essay was a wonderful assignment as it allows the students to put their knowledge to work in a practical manner and think for themselves. This will also help to prepare them for the quiz that they will take in a few days.