Grade: Middle
Subject: Literature

#4270. Raymond's Run

Literature, level: Middle
Posted Wed Dec 3 06:44:47 PST 2008 by Jocelyn Carter (Jocelyn Carter).
Old Dominion University, Virginia beach, USA
Materials Required: Literature Book,Writing Notebook,Literary Analysis Skillbuilder,Character Sketch, Pen or Pencil
Activity Time: 1.45
Concepts Taught: Cause and Effect

Lesson Plan Title: Raymonds Run

Concept/ Topic to teach: Explain to students that a storys plot usually involves some sort of conflict, which builds up into greater complications but is resolved by the end.

Standards Addressed: 8.5

The student will read, analyze, and apply the knowledge of the elements of literary forms, including short stories, essays, speeches, lyric and narrative poems, plays and novels.

General Goal(s):

The students will be able to name the cause and effect of situations. The will be able to describe the plot of a story.

Specific Objectives:

Understand and appreciate a short story

Understand Plot

Understand the use of cause and effect

Required Materials:

Literature Book

Writing Notebook

Literary Analysis Skillbuilder

Character Sketch

Pen or Pencil

Anticipatory Set:

How would you act?

Raymonds Run is about a girl named Squeaky who has responsibility for her mentally disabled brother Raymond.

Ask students to imagine themselves in a similar situation
What might your relationship with your brother be like?
How would you handle the responsibility of caring for him?
If student does in fact have a disabled family member, ask them to describe their relationship with them

Step By Step Procedures:

1. Teach the Cause and Effect lesson on pg 130-134

2. Read Raymonds Run as a whole group activity

Questions to ask while reading:

a. Ask students to summarize what experiences have cause Squeaky to make Raymond walk on the inside.
b. Ask students to compare and contrast Cynthia and Squeaky.
c. Ask students why Squeaky is so ready to fight these girls.
d. Ask students why Squeaky doesnt like Gretchen.
e. Ask students to discuss how the conflict is escalating.

3. Students will fill out the Literary Analysis Skillbuilder

4. Students will work with shoulder partner to fill in the character Sketch

Plan for Independent Practice:

Vocabulary and Spelling- Exercise A DESCRIPTION CLUES Pick the vocabulary word that best completes the sentence.

Character Sketch- Give description of Squeaky

Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set):

Have students share their feelings on the outcome of the story.

Ask the students do they think Raymond would make a successful runner? Why or why not?

Assessment based on Objectives:

Informal Assessment: Have a small groups of students retell the story from Gretchens point of view. How might the description of Squeaky and Raymond differ if Gretchen were the main character of the story?

Formal Assessment: Selection Quiz pg 20 Unit one Resource Book

Adaptations ( For Students with Learning Disability):

Tell students that they will be reading about a girl who is responsible for watching over her older brother because he has a disability.

Encourage students to share how they would feel if they had a similar responsibility

Make sure students understand details about the narrator

Make sure students are clear about Squeakys relationship with her rivals

Ask students what Squeaky thinks just before the race starts

Extensions for Gifted Students:

Ask students why Squeaky is in charge of watching Raymond.
Ask them what happened when George was responsible for them.

Possible Connections to Other Subjects:

Art Connection Pg 34 the painting is entitled Petite Fille. Petite Fille is French for little girl