Grade: Middle
Subject: Phys Ed

#4273. Integrated Team Hand Ball and Spelling

Phys Ed, level: Middle
Posted Wed Dec 3 17:09:03 PST 2008 by Brian Webb (Brian Webb).
Old Dominion University, Norfolk, United States of America
Materials Required: Dodgeball, Index Cards, Cones
Activity Time: 30-45 Minutes
Concepts Taught: Spelling, Team Handball Strategy and Skills

Physical Education Lesson Plan

Name: Mr. Webb Date: 12-3-08

Unit: team handball Lesson Focus: basic skill and strategy, spelling

Grade Level: 6 Location: gym Number of Students: 30
Objectives, Standards, & Assessment

Objective: SWBAT throw and catch the ball proficiently.
Domain: Psychomotor
Standards: 6.1-6.5
Assessment: Teacher Observation

Objective: SWBAT gain spelling knowledge and improve phonics.
Domain: Affective
Standards: 6.1-6.5
Assessment: Repetition throughout game observed.

Objective: SWBAT play by the rules of handball and by modification added in order to advance ball down the court. SWBAT contribute the next letter in order of the words actual spelling.
Domain: Cognitive
Standards: 6.1-6.5
Assessment: Score of each team and advancement of ball.

Objective: SWBAT play handball in the future as a leisure activity as well as scrabble.
Domain: Health-Related Fitness
Standards: 6.1-6.5
Assessment: Questioning for understanding of rules and technique.

References & Equipment

References: dictionary

Equipment: whistle, ball, cones

Lesson Activities

Health-Related Fitness Activity(Instant Activity) (Time 5min ): easy jog or jump rope. Student may choose.

Set Induction (Time 5 )
Organization/Transition: Squad lines.

Activity: Teacher will explain rules of game and explain the knowledge of spelling that should be gained by end of lesson.

Main Lesson (Total Time 30 min )

Activity (Time ): 30 minutes Teacher will give each team a word to spell. Each teammate will yell out the next letter of the word in the sequence as they pass the ball. If they are wrong the ball will be turned over and the other team will be given a word to use.

Organization/Transition: 2 teams of 15 players

Equipment: ball and cones

Cues: short passes, protect the ball.

Differentiation: The words can be short or longer. The best spellers can be evenly spread throughout teams.

Closure (Time:5minutes);
Organization/Transition: Gather around teacher in semi-circle.

Activity: Review of spelling words and positive feedback for students.

Reflection Statements: Was the activity educational for the core objective and still fun and active? Did the spelling slow down the game too much?