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#4274. Patterning - Candy Cane for K - 1

, level: Kindergarten
Posted Wed Dec 3 18:59:17 PST 2008 by C. on First Grade Mailring (C. on First Grade Mailring).
Concepts Taught: Patterns (AB, AAB, ABB)

A simple craft I do each year:

We make a candy cane picture. Give each child a piece of black paper. Teach them how to make the shape of a candy cane. They draw it on the paper with an eraser... just the one line - simple candy cane.

Then give each child a few one inch strips of red and white construction paper. Let them cut it up in small one inch squares. They just eye ball it and and cut them up in squares. Then they layer then around the eraser mark on their paper in patters of red and white as they glue them to the paper. It is so simple. Some years I cut the squares and give them the squares and other years I cut the strips and let them cut them.

They are a cute simple cane and no two look alike. They can do different patterns too. Some kids will do two red and then a white or vice versa. Mostly I get AB patterns.

It really doesn't matter if the squares are different sizes or even if they are one inch thick. It is just as cute no matter how they cut them.

Then let them eat a candy cane as you tell them the legend of the candy cane.