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#4275. Christmas Activities for Spanish Class

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Posted Wed Dec 3 19:40:05 PST 2008 by Spanish Teachers Chatboard (Spanish Teachers Chatboard).
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Christmas Activities for Spanish Class

Posted by Licha
Hi there, I need ideas for Christmas activities tied into Spanish. I'd appreciate any help - it's my first year! I teach high school Spanish II.

Posted by I've done this...
Here's something that I have done off on and in years past when I had a day or two that needed some "filler" before Christmas.
1.) Tell your students to bring in old Christmas cards and then go to a discount store and buy some cheapo boxes of assorted Christmas
holiday cards... emphasis on the word "cheap".

2.) You'll need construction paper, glue, scissors, markers, etc, however you normally get it for class projects, either students
provide their own, supply room, etc.

3.) Activity: have your students make Spanish Christmas cards for one of their teachers, and specify that it cannot be you, but has to be
another teacher. The students use the construction paper to make the body of their card, and cut the decorations off of the old cards and glue them onto their construction paper card. Tell the students that if they want "extra" decoration, like glitter, etc, they must bring
it themselves.

4.) Write sample Christmas expressions either on the chalkboard or on a handout for them to write on the inside of their card. If you have
Jehovah Witness students, have them write a "Have a nice winter break" card and find some snowman/snowflake decorations for them to use.

5.) Have the students sign the card with their Spanish first name and English last name (if you use Spanish names).

6.) Have the students write a brief note of appreciation to that particular teacher on the inside as well, on the facing page. I usually have the upper level students write this note in Spanish.

7.) Then, you deliver the cards by putting them in the teachers' mailboxes. The years I have done this activity, I have gotten tons of positive
feedback from the rest of the staff. They love getting the cards and they always ask the students to translate them. It's a great "PR"
project as well as keeping the kids happily busy for a couple of days.

Posted by ProfaAK I have Christmas carols in Spanish (I think I got them from Teachers Discovery) and we sing them in class. Depending on your group you can have the kids "carol" around the school. I just get permission from other teachers to come to their rooms. I'm not sure if the group that I have right now can handle that part, but we will be
singing In class.

I also have a book called "The Night of Las Posadas" that I read to the students so they understand the tradition. You can recreate "Las Posadas" as well.

In the past we have made piatas in class. This year I'm skipping that because it can get really messy. I have the students make the shells at home and then they decorate them in class.
If your students have learned the past tenses they can create a holiday newsletter about their past holiday activities. The newsletters should be decorated for the season.

Posted by Rachel Last year, I had my students compare/contrast different versions of the legend of the poinsettia. Tomie de Paola has a version, and I found a couple others on Google. I let them
work in groups to read/discuss their version. Then, they retold the story to the class, and we talked about what was similar/different after all groups presented.