Grade: Senior

#4281. Sports Journalism Lesson Plan

Reading/Writing, level: Senior
Posted Sat Dec 6 19:19:58 PST 2008 by Linda K. Finlay (Linda K. Finlay).
Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia
Materials Required: Acess to computers with Internet gor research and actual newspapers/magazines for layout examples.
Activity Time: Can take about 3-5 days.
Concepts Taught: Learn how to write a credible newspaper article.

Journalism Lesson Plan
Date(s): 11-17-08 Subject: English 11 Teacher: Linda K. Finlay
SOL/CCO: 11.7.A,B,G; 11.8; 11.9.B,D,E; 11.10.G,J Est. Time: 3-5 days with a 90 min. block
Objectives: The students will take on the persona of a journalist and effectively write an article for the local newspaper about their favorite college athletic program. The students will use the internet to compile their research about their chosen program. The students will look at various newspaper and magazine articles to look any information that should be included other than the article itself (i.e. bylines, location, photograph citation, etc.).
Essential Vocabulary: byline, journalist, journalism, citation
Materials/Resources: The students will use the internet to research the college athletic program of their choice. The students will also have several newspapers and magazines to look over for design ideas.
Anticipatory Set: The teacher will talk about her favorite college athletic program and talk about some serious incidents that occurred during the 2006 season. She will ask the students a series of questions about the information she imparts about her team such as:
1. What do you feel the punishment should be for the players involved in the on-field altercation?
2. Do you feel that the consequences were appropriate under the circumstances? Why or why not?
3. Do you feel the game between Miami and Maryland, scheduled to be played 5 days after the murder of a senior member of the Miami Hurricanes, should have been postponed? Why or why not?
4. Is there anything you think could have been done differently?
Direct Teaching: Give the students an opportunity to choose their favorite college athletic program. Once they have chosen their college they will need to go to the internet to find information on their team. Include information about the head coach (how long have they been with the school, how many head coaches has the team had in the last 10 years, etc), the team’s win-lose record for at least the last 10 years, and information about key players, past and current.
Guided Practice/Checking for Understanding: Assist students with identifying important components in a journalistic article. Assist students with proper research and citation methods.
Independent Practice: The students will decide which college athletic program they would like to write about and begin their research on the Internet. The students will begin writing their articles.
Closure: The students will compile their articles into a well organized sports page for the class newspaper, The
Homework: Students will need to complete their article to be included in the class newspaper.
Assessment Evidence: The attached rubric will be used to assess the each student’s article.
Adaptation for Students with Learning Disabilities:
Teacher will provide a list of 20 colleges for the students to choose from.
This list will some contain information about each college’s athletic program.
The student will be assigned a “buddy” to help with extra research.
The student will be given extra time (if listed as an accommodation on the IEP) to get the article typed and turned in.
Extended Assignment for Gifted Students:
Teacher will assign these students a 2nd article for another section of the class newspaper.
The student will have the choice of which section of the paper to write their 2nd article for.
The student will do the necessary research for the new topic.

Journalism Lesson Plan Teacher’s Example Information
Last season the Miami Hurricanes finished within the top 10 in the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) Poll and the Coaches Poll. The BCS Poll is where the college presidents get to vote for the school they feel should play in the various bowl games. The Coaches Poll is where all the college coaches put their votes in for who should be attending a bowl game and which one. This year Miami is projected to start within the top 10. So far the season has not gone as expected. With a rocky season already in progress, the unthinkable happens when a number of Miami players are involved in an on-field altercation with members of the opposing team, Florida International University (FIU). Even before the altercation, fans were calling for Head Coach Larry Coker to be fired. Several weeks after the altercation a popular senior for Miami, Bryan Pata, is shot to death, after leaving a team practice, outside his home. The team is scheduled to play Maryland the Saturday following the shooting incident.