Grade: all

#4283. Visual Expression Writing Center

Reading/Writing, level: all
Posted Sun Dec 7 10:36:53 PST 2008 by Linda (Linda).
Samuel Huntington Elementary, Norwich, CT
Materials Required: Small photo album, old magazines, index cards, glue stick
Activity Time: 30-45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Understanding facial expressions, Inferencing, Writing Center,

I am a para in third grade who is conditioned to keep it simple, not to mention space is limited having two adults in the room. So, I have tried to help in making centers or (stations) that take up limited space.
I used colored index cards and found "people" faces in old magazines and TV guides, some single some groups. (I even got a picture of the President and a cartoon pic of "scooby"). I then cut them out and pasted them to the the numbered index cards. Next, I took the new created photos and slipped them into a photo album that was 6"x 4" (free with my photos from CVS)or you can get them at the Dollar Store (buy a few extra they are wonderful for limited space centers..and all for a dollar!)

Finally, their activity is to take a photo to their seat, look at a picture of their choice and write what they think that person is feeling and come up with a story of why they are feeling that way. Not only does it let the child express connections to their own life, it allows them to create a possible solution by writing about it. It is a BIG hit and its endless!