Grade: Senior
Subject: Geography

#4285. European Geography

Geography, level: Senior
Posted Sun Dec 7 14:43:02 PST 2008 by Bryan Vannoy (Bryan Vannoy).
Old Dominion University student, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Materials Required: Atlas, Almanacs, Textbooks, 15 big post-it notes
Activity Time: 30 mins
Concepts Taught: Understanding Location, Culture, and other aspects of life of European countries

Lesson Plan 3 By Bryan Vannoy

Lesson Plan Title: European Geography

Concept / Topic To Teach: Understanding location, culture, and other ways of life of European countries.

Standards Addressed: SOL WG 4.
The student will locate and analyze physical, economic, and cultural characteristics of world regions.

General Goal(s):
The students will be able to distinguish the capitols, and culture life of countries in Europe.

Specific Objectives:
- The students will investigate the life, culture, language, imports and exports of countries in Europe.

Required Materials:
• Atlas
• Almanacs
• Textbooks
• Big Post-paper of 15 European countries, with fill in the blanks with topics: Capitol, population, chief export and import, and language
• Magic markers

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In):
• Game, place map of Europe on overhead and project on to the blackboard.
• Students divided into teams and tested on what countries they can name, countries are then checked on blackboard as they are named.

Step-By-Step Procedures:
1. Students from 3 groups
2. Each group is responsible for naming capitols of 15 selected countries in Europe
3. One group will be responsible fro population of countries
4. One will be responsible for chief exports and imports
5. Last group will be responsible for language of the 15 selected countries.
6. When finished, Group leaders will put up their answers on the 15 (each selected country) post-it notes, that are set up around the classroom.
Plan For Independent Practice: Study Geography of Europe

Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set):
Discuss answers and why they might be the way they are

Assessment Based On Objectives:
-students graded on participation
- quiz after activity

Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities):
• Group up with gifted students
• Let them get up and place answers on post-it-notes

Extensions (For Gifted Students):
- Group with special needs students
- Responsible with splitting the countries in the group

Possible Connections To Other Subjects: Foreign language, business, and economics