Grade: Senior

#4298. The Year I was Born

Reading/Writing, level: Senior
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Materials Required: Computer/Paper/Pencil
Activity Time: 2 Full Blocks
Concepts Taught: An Autobiographical Research Project

Lesson Plan- 3
Lesson Plan Title: The Year I was Born: An Autobiographical Research Project

Concept / Topic To Teach: Student will conduct interviews and research online at the library to find details on what was going on internationally, nationally, locally, in sports, music, arts, commercial, TV and publishing during the year that they were born. Students will weave the detail into a paper that they publish as a newspaper or booklet.
Standards Addressed: English SOL 9.3, English 9.8, English 9.9
The student will edit writing for correct use of language.
The student will experience the writing process and practice a variety of modes.
The student will use a variety of technological and informational resources to gather and synthesize information and to create and communicate knowledge.
General Goal(s): English/Writing -- Student will develop his or her own mini research paper
The students will write an autobiographical research paper. The student will write about a topic that has immediate relevance to the year that he or she was born.

Specific Objectives:
• Students will conduct research using a variety of resources including interviews, primary documents, and online research.
• Students will evaluate resources to find those best for the project.
• Students will demonstrate and understand point of view by adopting the voice of a family member or another adult.
• The student will write an autobiographical research paper.
Required Materials:
• Web Resources Handout
• Sample Paper
• Research Form
• Read/Write Think Printing Press
• Self-Reflection Questions
• Research Paper Rubric
• Access to the World Wide Web
Anticipatory Set (Lead-In):
• Make overhead transparencies of all handouts that students will need, use these to project on the overhead so students know what the project consists of.
• Hand out the Year I was born Research Project and Research Paper Rubric
• Share the details of the activity with the handouts then share the sample paper.
• Share additional examples online.
• Help students choose their storyteller by providing a variety of options and examples.
• Explain to students that they will interview others who were around the first few years of their life.
Step-By-Step Procedures:
1. Arrange for library and online research time where students can consult periodicals such as TIME, Newsweek, or U.S.News for the year they were born.
2. Remind students that their research might include commercials, slogans, births, deaths, sports, news, movies, books, plays, music, financial, national news, international news, religious events, TV shots, and local news.
3. Have students search for their birth date on the Internet. Many of these sites give information for their birth date throughout history. To narrow to the year they were born; choose only those events that occurred in their birth year.
4. Pass out the Web Resources Handout and the Research Form for students to use during their research.
5. Remind students to record all of their information from their interviews and research on the Research Form; including the information needed to prepare a Works Cited page.
6. Point students to their class textbook for information on MLA format while writing their paper.
7. While students work, monitor their progress, offering feedback and assistance as needed.
8. At the end of the assignment remind students of the specific requirements of the assignment, pointing to the Rubric for more information.
Plan For Independent Practice: Have students answer the following questions below, independently.
1. What is the most surprising thing about your research and outline?
2. What did you like most about your writing plan?
3. What else would you have liked to find out about your birth year that you could not find online?

Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set):
• The teacher will allows students an in class discussion time, to evaluate what the students thought about the autobiographical research paper. Take about 10 minutes to the following.
• Students will divide into small groups and share basic details of their research and their outline with each other.
Assessment Based On Objectives:
• Assist students in Internet searches and MLA format guidelines.
• Students will then gather information about their colony and the way of life for the various social classes. Information should come from their textbook, other nonfiction and fiction sources and the Internet.
Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities) and (Project Adaptations)
• Provide a chance for students to do some of their research at home if they need extra time

• Students who are having a hard time with organizational skills: Have the student make a timeline of the time they were born up to a few years into childhood.

• Have the overhead projections ready for the class discussion before and during the process of writing the paper so students know what is expected of them. Keep students posted with that is due and what should have been completed by certain a certain date.

Extensions (For Gifted Students): Assign students to go a bit further on their research. Ask them to research up to 3 years of their life. This will be 1 to 2 more years than what the other students are researching.

Possible Connections To Other Subjects: Technology (The use of computers and the World Wide Web), History (the events that occurred within birth to 3 years after birth)