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Subject: Games

#430. Fishes and whales

Games, level: all
Posted Fri May 8 19:59:27 PDT 1998 by Kathleen Maugeri (
Room 209 Online
Mary Ethel costello School, Gloucester City, NJ
Materials Required: kids and a large playing area (gym, sandlot,)
Activity Time: as long as you like
Concepts Taught: very versatile or just plain fun

Divide your class evenly into fishes and whales. choose 3 or 4 kids to be fishermen and women. Make a large square...10 feet by 10 feet is good. Have all the kids except the fishermen and women line up on one side of the square. The fishermen may stand anywhere inside the square they like. The teacher yells "whales" and all whales must run through the square to the other side without being caught by the fishermen. If they are caught, they must stay in the spot they were caught in. They can tag kids in the next round, but they can never mover from their spot. Fishermen only can move anywhere within the square. On the next round the teacher may agian yell "Whales" or "fish" or "all fish and whales". this game has endless variations...many species of fish may be used, characters from books, math problems etc.