Grade: Middle

#4304. Cultural Diversity

Social Studies, level: Middle
Posted Wed Dec 10 15:48:46 PST 2008 by Kathleen Abair (Kathleen Abair).
Wayne State University, Detroit, USA
Materials Required: Computer, assistive technology - iPod, iTouch, camcorder, digital camera
Activity Time: 5-7 days
Concepts Taught: Learning about other cultures, using assistive technology to do so

Student Teacher's Name: Kathleen Abair Date: December 9, 2008

Grade Level 7-12 Topic/Unit: Social Studies School: District:

In this lesson students will take the opportunity to welcome students from a different culture than their own. Although this lesson plan focuses on the Mexican Culture, it could be used for any culture.
We will research an aspect of the Mexican culture. We will compare/contrast these aspects to our own culture. We will prepare a presentation to share with the class.
Students will also utilize iPods, iTouch, digital cameras, camcorders for translations, interviews, or presentations.

Social Studies Standard II.I Diversity of People, Places, and Cultures All students will describe, compare, and explain the locations and characteristics of places, cultures, and settlements.

TECHNOLOGY METS 1.5. understand the purpose, scope, and use of assistive technology

Learning Resources and Materials
Media Center
assistive technology - iPod, iTouch, digital camera, camcorder
poster board, old magazines, glue, scissors, pencil, paper, pen

Development of Lesson
Students will be introduced to the project as an independent project. However, if there are not enough computers in the schools' media center they will have to be grouped for preliminary research. Preliminary ideas will be approved by the instructor, to ensure they are heading down the right path. Students are encouraged to be creative: using aspects such as food, language, celebration, government/educational institutions, regional areas.
Presentations must include a comparison/contrast aspect to their own culture.

Students will work independently, so as to get a wide variety. If needed, work in groups for preliminary research. A variety of instruction will be used, including group, individualized, as well as cooperative.
Students will be asked: Which aspect are you going to research? How does this aspect compare/contrast to your own culture? How will you focus your presentation? Creativity for the presentation willbe encouraged; time will be allowed for all students.

Special needs students will be monitored by the instructor. As the project progresses students who are moving faster will be utilized. Students who are learning English will be utilized as well. As this lesson is on the Mexican culture it is geared towards Spanish speaking students. They will be invited to engage with the other students, as well as choose an aspect concerning American culture and compare/contrast to their own.
Instructor will invest in a bilingual dictionary.

Rubrics of expectations will be handed out. Students will know what is expected of them. Rubrics of evaluation will be handed out as well. Students will evaluate each other, the instructor will be the final evaluator.
Presentations will determine if how well they have met the Social Studies and technology benchmarks.

A class discussion on how the cultures are similar and different from each other. We will discuss the technology used and how well it was utilized. We will have discussions on what worked or did not work for this project. As well as how we could use this lesson plan for different cultures.