Grade: Middle

#4305. Core Democratic Values

Social Studies, level: Middle
Posted Wed Dec 10 15:56:49 PST 2008 by Kathleen Abair (Kathleen Abair).
Wayne State University, Detroit, USA
Materials Required: Computer and Inspiration (educational software)
Activity Time: 3-5 days
Concepts Taught: Researching Core Democratic Values Constructing Concept Maps with educational software

Student Teacher's Name: Kathleen Abair Date: December 9,2008

Grade Level 7-12 Topic/Unit: Social Studies School: District:

In this lesson plan students will discover the Core Democratic Values of the United States of America. They will also view an online tutorial on Inspiration on how to construct Map Concepts. Through this process students will learn basic American values that bond us together for a common identity.

Social Studies Standard III.2 Ideals of American Democracy
All students will explain the meaning and origin of the ideas,
including the core democratic values expressed in the
Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and other
foundational documents of the United States.

Technology 6. use an online tutorial and discuss the benefi ts and disadvantages of this method of learning

Learning Resources and Materials
Media Center

Development of Lesson
Students will be informed that this lesson is a Group Project, as well as a two-part project. Groups will research the Core Democratic Values. After doing so, they will view an online tutorial regarding the educational software program - Inspiration. We will have a brief discussion about the tutorials and how it may work for or against their project.
The project will involve choosing one value, creating a concept map, and developing a speech that includes the value and how it relates to their own lives.

Students will work in groups, determined by the instructor. Students will work with others they do not normally socialize with.
Instruction will be varied. They will receive direct instruction about the project, they will research and complete the project in groups. Students that need extra attention will receive it.
Students will be asked: Which Core Democratic Value will be analyzed? (Should be a group consensus) Each group will research a different value, possibly 2-3 in a group. Which concept map will you utilize? When developing the speech make sure to include each members point of view; how each can relate this value to their life.

Special needs students will be split amongst the groups so that they may receive extra help. These groups will be placed near the instructor; ensuring that everyone is contributing and working on the project.

To determine if the children met the standards they will be monitored throughout the process by the instructor. Because some groups will move faster than others, they will show their work to the instructor before they move on. If they finish the entire project before others, they will help monitor/give aid.
Rubrics will be set up. Students will receive a rubric of what is expected of them. They will also receive a rubric to evaluate their work/progress and how the instructor evaluates their work/progress

After the project is finished we will have a group discussion. We will reflect on all of the Core Democratic Values, view the concept maps, and discuss strong/weak points of the speeches made. We will ask how these values have influenced their lives.
After the discussion, students will take out a piece of paper and write a short, impromptu essay on the process.
The grade will be heavily weighted by the group project.