Grade: 3-5

#4311. Michigan's Regions

Social Studies, level: 3-5
Posted Thu Dec 11 11:03:20 PST 2008 by Mrs. K. McGrath (Mrs. K. McGrath).
Hillcrest, Dearborn Heights, USA
Materials Required: kidspiration, internet access
Activity Time: 2-1 hour periods
Concepts Taught: dividing Michigan into regions

Michigan's Regions

Student Teacher's Name: Kristina McGrath Date: December 10, 2008

Grade Level 3 Topic/Unit: Social Studies School: Hillcrest Elementary District: Crestwood

Students will be able to identify Michigan's regions and use a variety of visual materials and data sources to describe the similarities and differences of these regions, and their characteristics.
I will focus on meeting the following benchmarks:
State of Michigan Social Studies Standard 3-G2.0.1.
Michigan Educational Technology Standard 3.a.1.

Learning Resources and Materials
Students will need the following materials:

a. access to a computer to view the PowerPoint presentation made by me entitled Let's Explore Michigan's Regions

b. access to a computer with the instructional software Kidspiration downloaded

c. access to a computer with the internet and a word-processing program

d. a map of Michigan divided (by lines) into the following regions: Upper Peninsula, Southeast Lower Michigan, Southwest Lower Michigan, Northeast Lower Michigan, Northwest Lower Michigan

Development of Lesson
I will ask students if they are aware that Michigan is categorically divided up into parts. I will expect that they will answer with the Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula, but we will further discuss how the Lower Peninsula is divided into four other parts and that each region in Michigan has certain characteristics.
Students will view the PowerPoint presentation that I created entitled "Let's Explore Michigan's Regions." This presentation gives them an overview into the regions of Michigan's and some of their characteristics. I will give each student an outline map of Michigan divided into the five regions and I will instruct them that they will need to perform a search of each of Michigan's regions so that they can fill out their maps with symbols and characteristics of those regions. They can color or write on their map, as long as they are able to understand what they have written. This map will be used as their guide in making a concept map using the Kidspiration software program. Working in groups of two, students will create their own concept map, with at least five pictures/words to classify each region. They will discover that many classifications overlap. They will need to become familiar with the Kidspiration program, including knowing how to print, save, open, and format. When they complete their map, they will need to create, using the word processor, short paragraphs for each region detailing how they are classifying that region. They will need to use the spell-check for these paragraphs and are encouraged to use the dictionary and thesaurus if needed. They will present their concept maps to the class and turn in to me both the concept map and the paragraphs typed.

Because I have four special needs students, I am fully aware that some students may need additional assistance and if so, I am prepared to offer that. I will walk around continuously to make sure that the students understand what is expected of them. I will help those children who need assistance researching the regions of Michigan. As a class, we will learn and become familiar with the Kidspiration program and gradually they will be able to work with their groups to complete their concept map of Michigan's regions, showing the similarities and differences. If they have additional trouble, I will help them. I also understand that I may need to allow for additional time to complete this assignment, but feel it will be worth it.

I will evaluate the students based on their participation during our research as well as their creation of their concept map/paragraphs. The concept maps will be evaluated using a rubric to assess whether they completed the map for each of Michigan's regions, correctly identifying at least five pictures/words that is a characteristic of each region; whether they completed most of the map, but did not have at least five pictures/words that are characteristics of each region; or did not complete the map and did not have at least five pictures/words that are characteristics of each region.
The students will be able to take their concept maps and paragraphs home with them and I will ask them to share them with their families and discuss the different regions in Michigan and in that way, they will be able to reflect on what they have learned.
This lesson will impact my future curriculum decisions because I love the Kidspiration software program and look forward to using it in the future.

Teacher Reflection