Grade: Senior
Subject: Phys Ed

#4314. Strength Training

Phys Ed, level: Senior
Posted Sun Dec 14 16:05:44 PST 2008 by Richard Casko (Richard Casko).
Cass High School, Cartersville,Bartow
Materials Required: Weight Facility/Room, free weights and bars, platforms,Weight room, one stand-alone computer with Bi
Activity Time: Block Schedule 90 minutes 5 days a week

Final Project
Assessment in HPE 515
Dr. Kory Hill
Jacksonville State University

Lesson Plan: Strength Training

Teacher Rick Casko

Date created: 11/12/08

Resources needed: Weight Facility/Room, free weights and bars, platforms,
Squat racks, bench for bench press.

Classroom arrangement: Weight room, one stand-alone computer with Bigger Faster
Stronger (BFS) computer program.

Lesson plan duration: 90 minute block for 6 weeks.

Lesson plan:
Week 1 Introduction to weight training and weight room.
A. Safety/Proper Warm-up
B. Spotting
C. Sets /Reps/Breathing & Balance
D. Lifting Technique
a. Bench Press
b. Squat
c. Dead Lift
d. Power Clean

E. Obtain Maximum lifts for each of the four core lifts

Week 2 Lift Monday/Weds. /Friday all four core lifts 5 sets of 5 reps at
75% of previous weeks max.
Tuesday and Thursday Cardoivascular/Plyometrics and
introduction to Bigger Faster Stronger (BFS) program and how to
fill in
Workout sheets and entering students end of week info into the

Week 3-6 Complete all lifts and workouts on BFS for the four weeks
A. Students must record and turn in workout sheets every day
they lift.
B. At the end of every week each student will enter the lift
information into the computer so the workout can be adjusted
by the computer for the next week workout.
C. New work outs are printed out every Monday for each

Week 7 Max Day

A. All students will max on all four lifts in front of the

B. This will be over two days.

C. Day 1 Max on Bench & Squat

D. Day 2 Max on Power Clean & Dead Lift.

E. Each student is given a card and will write down their
1st lift attempt in each of the four power lifts and hand into the teacher.

F. The students will be allowed 3 total lifts on each of the 4 lifts.

G. The weight on the bar will begin at the lowest weight on a card.

H. The weight on the bar will increase at 5lbs. This can be attempted or passed on.

I. After a lift has been attempted successfully or not the student must approach the announcers desk and write down there next lift attempt.

J. The teacher will have a microphone and announce the weight and the lifter who will attempt the lift fro a desk in clear view of the lifted.

K. The weight on the bar will never go down. You may retry a missed lift.

L. The highest weight you lift will be recorded.

M. The top 5 max lifters of each of the four lifts of all the lifting classes are placed on a board in the weight room. There is a board for girls and for boys.

N. All students also qualify for weight lifting club T-shirts. This is the combined total weight of all four lifts by a single lifter.

O. The weight club T-shirts are school colors:
a. White T-shirt 100lb Club
b. Blue T-shirt 1250lb club
c. Gold T-shirt 1500lb club

Week 8 Begin a new 6 week work out with new max lifts.

Evaluation and Assessment:

1. Daily workouts and the workout sheets filled out each day will
be a daily grade worth 50% of the student's grade.

2. Student exhibits safety, correct lifting technique and spotting
10% of students grade.

3. A rubric will be used to grade students for the other 40%.

100% New max lifts in all four lifts.

75% New max lifts in 3 of the four lifts.

50% New max lifts in 2 of the four lifts.

25% New max lifts in 1 out the four lifts.

I have had tremendous success with all students both male and female who
do the daily workouts obtaining a new max in all four lifts, When the
students put forth the effort they will always continue to increase in there
Max lifts. We always keep the atmosphere very positive and high energy
especially with the microphone. All students will help to spot and support
one another. The students also know that they will be lifting in front of there
classmates, which make them accountable. Having the boards on the wall
has been a great motivator and incentive for the students as well as the
weight lifting T-shirts. I have many students continue to take weight training
each year and continue to gain in strength and enjoy the class as it also builds
self confidence. Weight training is a lifetime activity and all students can
benefit from strength training to some extent from the time they begin in
High School throughout their entire life.