Grade: 3-5

#4315. Which regions does Michigan belong to?

Social Studies, level: 3-5
Posted Sun Dec 14 16:50:51 PST 2008 by Mrs. K. McGrath (Mrs. K. McGrath).
Hillcrest, Dearborn Hgts. United States
Materials Required: outline maps of the U.S., magazines, coloring materials, computer with internet
Activity Time: 2-3 class periods
Concepts Taught: Midwest region versus the other regions in the United States

Which regions does Michigan belong to?

Student Teacher's Name: Kristina McGrath Date: December 13, 2008

Grade Level 3 Topic/Unit: Social Studies School: Hillcrest Elementary District: Crestwood

By examining the various regions of the United States including the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, West and Midwest, students will be able to determine what characteristics about our state of Michigan includes it in the Midwest region. Students will compare and contrast the Midwest with one of the other regions by researching on the internet and in books from our library, finding similarities and differences between the two. With this information, students will use a word processor to type a research report, appropriately citing all print and electronic sources, comparing the two regions with the focus of identifying the unique characteristics of the Midwest region.
I will focus on meeting the following benchmarks:
State of Michigan Social Studies Standard 3-G2.0.2.
Michigan Educational Technology Standard 2.b.3.

Learning Resources and Materials
Students will need the following materials:

a. a blank outline map of the United States, one for each student
b. paper, pencils, crayons, colored pencils, markers
c. computer with internet and word processor available
d. encyclopedias/research materials from the library
e. a bulletin board size cut out of the United States
f. a variety of magazines

Development of Lesson
I will begin by asking the students what particular groups they belong to. I will expect to hear answers such as family, classroom, school, community, state, etc. I will then ask the children what groups Michigan belongs to. I will expect to hear the United States and perhaps the Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula as well as North America.
After the introduction, I will give each student a map of the United States and I will explain to them that the country is divided up into five regions: the Midwest, the Southeast, the Northeast, the Southwest, and the West. I will explain that Michigan is a part of the Midwest region because of the similarities it has with the other states in our region. We will discuss some of the important characteristics in Michigan, including industries, natural resources, climate, etc. I will use a bulletin board size map of the United States to divide the country up into its regions and I will ask each student to do the same with their map. Each region should be shaded using a different color and a key should be made indicating which color is for which region. As a class, we will look through magazines to find pictures and words of anything that could be related to Michigan. They will cut out those pictures and place them on the large map. Next, I will explain to the students that Michigan is a part of the Midwest for certain reasons just as other states are part of their particular region because they share certain characteristics. I will divide the class into four groups with each group being given one of the following regions: the Northeast, the Southeast, the Southwest, and the West. Each group will research their particular regions AND the Midwest region to find similarities and differences within the two regions. They will create a venn diagram to help them organize this information. They will need to use both print and electronic sources to find this information and they will need to cite each source they use. Once they have completed their venn diagrams, they can work in pairs to put their information into a research report using a word processing program. When each child is finished, we will have a discussion again about the different regions and as a class, we will now complete our large map of the country. We will work together to look through the magazines for pictures and words related to all of the regions. Finally we will discuss why Michigan is a part of this particular region and not a different region. The map will stay up in the classroom for reference and reflection.

I am fully aware that some students may need additional assistance and if so, I am prepared to offer that. I will walk around continuously to make sure that the students understand what is expected of them. I will help those children who need assistance researching their particular region and completing their venn diagrams comparing and contrasting their region with the Midwest. I will also help them with their research report and citing of sources if they need it. If they have additional trouble, I will help them. I also understand that I may need to allow for additional time to complete this assignment since it is a research assignment.

I will assess the students using a rubric to evaluate their research reports in the following areas: used a variety of print/electronic sources giving appropriate citations with an accurate clear depiction of their particular region and the Midwest, indicating why they are different; used some print or electronic sources giving some citations with a somewhat vague depiction of their particular region and the Midwest, indicating in some ways why they are different; failed to use print/electronic sources and failed to give citations with no clear depiction of their particular region or the Midwest.
The students will be able to take their research reports home with them and I will ask them to share them with their families and in that way, they will be able to reflect on what they have learned.

Teacher Reflection