Grade: 1-2
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#4322. Zip-Lock Seed Project

, level: 1-2
Posted Mon Jan 19 18:13:19 PST 2009 by Gardener (Gardener).
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Materials Required: zip-lock bags, paper towels, spray bottlewith water, masking tape, lima beans
Activity Time: About 20 minutes or so
Concepts Taught: science, plants, seeds

Here's a unique way to grow plants in your classroom so kids can see the roots.

Step 1: Students wet the paper by spraying it with the spray bottle.

Step 2: Place the paper towel flat in the zip lock bag.

Step 3: Place the seed against the wet towel so you can see it through the baf.

Step 4: Zip the bag up and tape it onto your classroom window.

Step 5: Watch the seed daily as it grows.

Lima beans germinate fairly quickly, so kids will be able to observe growth within a couple of days.

They will be able to see the seed roots and stem and leaves grow.

Have them water their plants daily wih the spray bottle.

When the plants have gotten too big for the bag, they can replant them in pots or in a garden.