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#4327. 100th Day of School Activities compiled

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100th day activities
Posted by MG on Kindergarten Chatboard
Last year we:

-Made and wore 100th Day "hats." Really they're more like crowns or headbands, but we called them hats. In advance, I printed out "100th Day" with the font formatted using the hollow effect, and filled it in with glitter glue. I cut them out, leaving a fair amount of white space, and stapled
them to sentence strips which became the headbands for the "hats." I gave each child a ziplock bag with 100 stickers that I had precounted. I mostly used those tiny
round reward chart stickers and foil star stickers (fast and easy to cut out strips of 10), and also threw in some scratch and sniff and larger stickers to round out the 100. The kids covered their hats with stickers. It took FOREVER just to peel and stick that many stickers, so I was so happy I did all that pre-counting. The kids loved it! I guess they aren't usually allowed to use that many stickers at one time! :-)
-Made a class book using the prompt, "If I had $100, I would..."
-Made necklaces using 100 glow in the dark beads. The students counted their own beads by placing one bead in each box on a 100 chart. I was impressed that a couple of the children grouped the beads by color in sets of five or ten
-Made a special 100th Day snack mix, with the children counting out 10 each of 10 ingredients. We used Cheerios, Chex cereal, mini marshmallows, M&M's, Teddy Grahams, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, raisins, mini pretzels,
and goldfish crackers. I had a child who was allergic to a daunting variety of things, so I asked Mom to suggest items to replace a few that had to be cut from the original recipe, which is how it wound up with so many sweets (choc
chips AND m&m's AND butterscotch chips).
I know there were a few other things I had planned, but we just didn't get to everything. All in all, it was a really fun day!

Posted by jacque/Wa/K-1/nbct
My very favorite thing to do is put up this huge "100" made out of an old appliance box in front of my door. It is positioned so that students must walk through one of the zeros
to get in the room. It is glittery, very glitzy, I usually try to add more to it every year. It is basically the box flattened out and the zeros centers cut out. Then I tape it to the wall on either side of my door. Every year I have
older children who have to come back and just walk through again! LOL!

I also do a 100 museum, where every child brings 100 of something and we put them on display. While we work on a small book of 100 (it's a scholastic book where they draw ten of ten things and fill in some information (it's also k-2)),
they rotate through the museum in small groups, counting a few of the items, not all, and I ask for things to be grouped by fives or tens for easy counting. Some of the more extraordinary items we've had, 100 Barbie shoes, 100 matchbox
cars, 100 rocks, 100 grains of rice, 100 Cheerios, 100 stickers, 100 Bubble gums, 100 Tootsie Pops, 100 pennies, etc.

Last year, we also did a snack where each child took 10 of 10 items--chocolate chips, raisins, goldfish crackers, pretzels, marshmallows (tiny ones), popcorn, banana slices (with the
peel left on), apple chunks, yogurt raisins, animal crackers. They LOVED doing that - only next year I will make two tables
for them to go through as it takes them a LONG time to each count out 10 of each item.

Mary wrote:
> I am having my kids dress and style their hair how they think other children will 100 years from now. My kids are soooooo excited about this.
We also make headbands and make tally marks in groups of 5's (sets of 10)to 100.

Posted by brew
-The traditional bring in a collection of 100.
-Make headbands with the number 100 and put 100 decorations on it.
-Necklaces with 100 (I've used beads and I've used Fruit Loops)
-Writing "I would like 100 ____________, but not 100 _________."
-100 Hungry Ants book, then I use 100 plastic ants to count by 10's.

Posted by Mary
We do a variety of activities and I try to vary tham each year.
We do make a trail mix of 100 food items: skittles or m&m's (depending on allergies), Kix, sunflower seeds, raisins, Japanese rice crackers, banana chips, pretzels, peanuts (maybe), chocolate chips, marshmallows, Cheerios, Goldfish, Life cereal, popcorn, basically anything but we are striving to be more nutritious. The children count 10 items
at each station and then rotate so eventually they end up with 100 items in their treat baggy.
We draw what we might look like when we are 100 years old and what we could do then that we can't do now.

We have a physical component; bouncing the ball, throwing the ball, hopping, toe touching.... The partner helps to count and record that the activity was completed.

We write 100 words--yes--class namesm high frequency words and finally word families.
We read many 100th Day of School Books.
Oh, we sing Zero the Hero!

Posted by Jeri Taylor on the Teachers.Net 100 Days Mailring

Our 100th day will be January 27 if we do not have snow days.

Here are some of the things that we have done in the past for 100 day.

We enjoy reading the book Ms.Bindergarten Gets Ready For The 100th Day of Kindergarten to build excitement about the coming 100th day. We will do some of the activities that we read about in the book like make the 100 day hats. We attach a strip of paper to the hats where we have tallied to 100.

On the 99th day the children will help decorate the classroom with pictures they have drawn for the coming 100th day. Then after school I will decorate the door with streamers and signs that say 100 Days of Kindergarten. The kids love to walk through the streamers into the classroom.
In the book Ms.Bindergarten Gets Ready For The 100th Day of Kindergarten there is a page where the children come into kindergarten and Ms. Bindergarten has made a 100 with the blocks from the block center. I will have a 100 made with our blocks like in the book, they are so excited when they see it.

Oh yes, one other fun thing that we have done is copy a 100 dollar bill (from a blackline master, not a real one) and place the child's photo in the center instead of the president and pass out 100 dollar bills at the end of the day -- they can be used for book marks.

We also made 100 day posters to hang throughout the school. We put handprints on the posters and each poster had 100 fingers -- we counted the hands by 5's to one hundred.

We have created pictures with 100 shapes.
Last year everyone brought in 100 pennies we put them all together and sent them to the animal shelter to help the puppies and kittens that have no homes.

Posted by Gisele on the 100 Days Mailring
If the weather doesn't change in Seneca, SC we will celebrate a hundred days Jan. 28. I teach 2nd grade children. We order white hats that the
kids pay for and they decorate the hat with one hundred of their favorite items at home, on the hundredth day they wear them to school
and we do a parade of hats. It is a lot of fun. Last year I had a student to do one hundred plastic insects on his hat. I have had things
like buttons, money, candy, computer keys. The kids get very creative. I usually make sure that they have it at home at least a week to prepare.
I also wear one decorated with one hundred Winnie the Pooh miniature figures and stickers. All the second grade teachers wear a decorated hat; one teacher has one hundred Google eyes, another one hundred dragon
flies. Gisele

Re: 100 Day family project
Posted by Christie on 100 Days Chatboard

My daughter's teacher sent home a note saying each child has to make a project using 100 items and put it on posterboard. The items can be no larger than a postcard. These items can be in groups of 10's or 20's, etc.
Here are some examples of items to use:
(ex. paperclips, crayons, beans, macaroni, bottle caps, old game pieces, twist ties, old toys, candy, etc.)

My daughter and I are using crayons. Also, we were going to use lemonheads candy and make a sun.

Posted by Janelle Montgomery
The 100th day family project- the display needs to incorporate 100 of the same items into some form of a creative display or scene.
Then placed in the hallway for everyone to see. Examples: a three dimensional ladybug made out of pom poms. 100 Goldfish crackers in a beautiful decorated pond surrounded by trees and bushes.
Anyone have anything new and different for the 100th day?

From K Chatboard
brew wrote:
The post before me reminded me of another thing we did a couple years ago. Ahead of time, we blew up 100 balloons (our aides helped). We took all of the Kinders into the gym and let them play with the balloons. Then we had them stop and count to 100. At 100, they ran around and popped all the balloons. It was really fun. The sound
echoed in the gym and kind of sounded like fireworks. The kids really enjoyed it.

Posted by Laura B.
I have a project called We Can Do It- our goal is to collect 100 cans of food- do all the math stuff- have them count by 5s and 100s - measure
cans etc. We dontate them to the local food pantry when we are finished with the math activities.

Post by "she"
My classes have always had fun guessing how far we can go in 100 steps, then we go out into the hallway and walk and count. I put up a string with 100 blue Christmas lights around the
bulletin board. I put out a kids puzzle with 100 pieces, but they never seem to get it finished!

Posted by siouxsan
We make three class books:
If I had $100 I would buy:
I would eat 100 _____ but I would NOT eat 100 _______.

I wish I had 100 ______.

We also have the number 100 on a blank paper. Then we ask the kids to draw something using that number, like a bike, etc..
Thanks for the idea of the baggy with 100 items! I'm tired of the fruit loop necklaces!!

Posted by hershey kisses
Our 100's day is usually close to Valentines day. I take 100 kisses, put a sticker on bottom 1-100, and hide them around room.
I have a big 100's chart on circle. As soon as they find one, they have to put in on corresponding number.
We always seem to have a missing one! But, the kids LOVE doing it!

Also do the "I wish I had 100___________. I DON"T wish I had 100__________." Very fun.

Posted by barb
Last year we got several packages of the heart shaped Post-Its. We asked each child to dictate one thing they loved about schooland wrote each child's response on a heart. We selected 100 of
the best answers (eliminated duplicates mostly) and hung them out in the hallway on a bulletin board in the shape of a number 100. The caption read "100 Things We Love About School." Some of
their answers were really precious. My teacher smells good. Hot dogs for lunch.

Posted by kteachoh
I fill a clear cup with water close to the top. Then I tell the kids I'm going to put 100 paper clips in it. They predict whether this will make the cup overflow. (Remind them how the water in the bathtub or kiddie pool gets higher when they get in it.) Then count to 100 as they paper clips go in the cup. It doesn't overflow. You could let
the kids put the clips in one at a time if they're careful. Also try it first so you see how close to the top of the cup you fill the water.

Posted by anon
We do many of the activities above. We also are quiet for 100 seconds... sometimes this takes a few tries :o} We also go into the hallway and line up, right down the middle, and each child holds a balloon waist high and we (teachers) come down the line with a pin and pop the balloons one at a time as we count to 100. If we do not have 100 students , we invite our SPE class to help. One more thing is to estimate how long a train of cubes would be (given a train of 10 to start with). Have fun. This day usually goes so