Grade: 1-2

#4329. Giving Tree

Reading/Writing, level: 1-2
Posted Fri Jan 23 11:18:00 PST 2009 by Elise Victoria (Elise Victoria).
Teacher, California USA
Materials Required: The Giving Tree, Paper, Markers, Scisors, notebook paper, pencills, glue, green construction paper
Concepts Taught: Reading, Imagintaion, Writting, Art

Heres what I do. Cut out __ trees. Have each of your students color 1. Read "The Giving Tree" in class. Have your students write a paper about what they would want the giving tree to give to them if they had one wish. Have them cut it out and glue it onto the green construction paper. Then they will glue the tree onto the blank spot on the construction paper. This is art, writting, reading, imagination, and smiles all in one.
Elise Victoria CA USA