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#433. Easy Ice Cream Labs. k-12

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Posted Wed May 13 15:00:43 PDT 1998 by Sandy/K/Mo (
St. Francis Kdg.
Materials Required: Ice, rock salt, vanilla, milk, sugar, flavoring if desired
Activity Time: class period.
Concepts Taught: Chemistry

Here they are.

Lab Techniques Good Enough To Eat (Mark Twain Media Inc Publishers)

Intro. How is cooking similar to chemistry? Both involve following directions well enough to avoid catastrophe!

Objective: In this activity, we will practice measuring length, mass and volume using metric units. The end product will be an indicator of your ablity to measure accurately. If your measurement skills are very good, your result will be good enough to eat!

Procedure: 1. Measure 16 cm from the bottom of a large plastic bag and use the pen at your lab station to mark the height.

2. Fill the bag to the line that you marked with ice (from the cooler).
3 MEASURE out 100 mL of ROCK SALT, and pour it over the ice in the large bag.
4 Take a new, small plastic bag and mix the following ingredients into this bag:
a. 100 mL MILK
b. 20 mL SUGAR
c. 2 drops of VANILLA EXTRACT
5. Seal the contents of the small bag (make sure the bag is "ziplocked"). I used masking tape on top of the ziplock.
6. Place the small bag inside the large bag of ice.
7. Seal the large bag (with the small bag inside). Make sure the bag is "ziplocked".
8. Mover the ice in the large bag around so that it surrounds/covers/suppoerts the small bag.
9. Time 1-minute intervals. At the end of each 1-minute interval, turn the bag over onto the other side. (Arrange ice cubes so that they surround the small bag inside.)
10 Repeat the 1 minute "flippings" a total of 10 times.
11. At the end of the tenth minute (10 1-minute flips), time 30-second intervals and flip the bag every 30 seconds for 5 minutes (10 30-second flips).
12 At the end of the 20 flips (10 flips 1 minute apart and 10 flips 30 seconds apart), ask your instructor to check to see if your solution has completed its reaction.

Ice Cream in a Bag (serves 1)

Ingredients: 1/2 c. milk ( I let them pick white or Choc. milk)
1 T. sugar
1/4 t. vanilla (or other flavoring)

1. Place all ingredients into a pint-sized FREEZER baggie and zip.
2. In a gallon size FREEZER baggie fill 1/2 way with ice, and add 6 T rock salt on top of ice.
3. Place pint size baggie inside gallon size baggie and seal tight!
4. Shake and shake and shake!
5. It will become a solid in about 4 minutes or less!
6. Eat quickly! Ice cream melts fast.

Hope these help everyone out.