Grade: Middle
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#4330. Interview with an Elderly Person

, level: Middle
Posted Sat Jan 24 08:37:36 PST 2009 by InterviewReport (InterviewReport).
Teaching Interview
Materials Required: paper, pencils, computer
Activity Time: 1 week
Concepts Taught: Language Arts - Interviewing People

I have kids interview an elderly family member or friend. They must find out what life was like back "when they were a kid." They must compare and contrast life today to life back then.

Step 1: Students make a list of questions to ask their special person. They should focus their questions on what kinds of things they did and did not have, and discuss how life is different today from back then.

examples of questions to ask:

"What year was it when you were my age?"

"Can you tell me some things that weren't invented yet?"

"What were your favorite television shows when you were my age?"

"Name one reason why being a kid in 19xx would have been harder than being a kid today?"

"Name one way kids today have it tougher than in 19xx?"

Step 2: Students type their questions on paper, leaving lots of space to write their answers.

Step 3: Students must interview an elderly friend or family member. They write the responses on the paper with the questions.

Step 4: Students write a report on life today versus life "back then".

Step 5: Kids use the internet to search for clip art pictures from long ago as well as modern pictures. The clip art can be added to the final copy.

Step 6: Kids can share their reports with the class, as well as the person they interviewed.