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#4331. Hoppy Valentines Day! Craft, frogs, Valentines Day

, level: Kindergarten
Posted Sat Jan 24 17:28:05 PST 2009 by Karen M. on Kindergarten Chatboard (Karen M. on Kindergarten Chatboard).
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valentine craft using frogs
Posted by Karen M. on 1/24/09

HOPPY Valentine's Day!

To make Valentine's Day Frogs:

You will need 2 heart shapes.

The first heart shape position the usual way, with the rounded part on top. Two eyes can go in the rounded area, along with a big smileunderneath. This is the frogs head and body.

The second heart should be slightly smaller than
the first, and of a different color. Cut this heart in half, and this is the frogs legs. They can sit on doily paper lily pads!