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#4332. "Measure up to Honest Abe Lincoln" Bulletin Board

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Posted Mon Feb 2 08:48:04 PST 2009 by TD on a Teachers.Net Chatboard (TD on a Teachers.Net Chatboard).
Large collection of February lessons, activities including Lincoln,Black History
Concepts Taught: History, Character ed, Math (measurement),

Abe Lincoln Bulletin Board

Posted by TD

This is an activity I did last year for my door. I was talking to my kids about Lincoln and telling them some facts about how tall he was, honest, etc. I got a "lightbulb" in my head and drew a 6'4" side view of Abe Lincoln on a long sheet of paper. I used a yard stick and
marked off feet and inches from his feet to the top of his hat. Beside him, I wrote some facts about him and wrote the caption "How do you measure up to Honest Abe?" Of course my kinders didn't really get the pun, but the older kids in the school did. I loved watching all the kids stop outside my room and measure themselves. It was a great way to teach a little character ed, too.