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#434. Kindergarten Island Fever Mother's Day

other, level: Elementary
Posted Thu May 14 13:19:40 PDT 1998 by Patricia Schar (
Evans City Elementary, Evans City, USA
Activity Time: Celebration lasted one hour


l. 8 foot metallic palm trees purchased from a party store
2. Parrots made by students
3. Flamingos made by students
4,Portraits of Mother painted by students
5. Twisted crepe paper streamers down center of tables.
6. Leis for Mom. . .4" squares of tissue paper, skrunched and glued onto a
yarn necklace.
7. Grass skirts for students. We used various colors of bulletinboard paper
that we have on a roll at our school. Roll down the top edge a few times.
And the children cut the "grass". Staple to fit. Girl's skirts were long, and
Boy's were short.
8. Anthuriums (tropical flower) Paint a (shiny) red heart, Stick a white puffy
pipecleaner in the center for the ?stamen?. Add green leaves.

I was fortunate to find a chatboard visitor who lived in Hawaii. She bought and sent me Hawaiian picture postcards. Students wrote information on them and we mailed them. (Stamp and address label provided by mothers)

l. Pipecleaner flamingo magnet
Flat roll one end of a long pink pipecleaner down a few times to form the head. Flat roll the other end, the opposite direction and up, to form the body. Hot glue hot pink fun foam legs-(easy to cut-just cut a row of the "<" part of a K and viola! Flamingo legs) and white fun foam beaks. Glue a small wiggle eye and a pink feather. Put a magnet on the back.
2. Picture Frame
Cut a frame from oaktag that will fit a Polaroid picture. Sponge paint with peach paint, then with pink. Decorate with tropical stickers and small seashells. Seashells were purchased from Sanibel Seashell Industries at
3. Seashell Ornament
Paint a large shell with watered glue, then sprinkle with very fine glitter. Shells were purchased reasonably at a craft store. Hot glue a ribbon loop (we used all pink and white stuff) and a feather onto the back. This loop in used to hang the ornament. On the front, hot glue a thin ribbon bow, 2 short strands of beading, and a pearl.

4. Card
The card was in a shell shape. On the outside is said, "Shell" I tell you what you mean to me? On the inside was glued a small puff of pastel-colored cotton ball with a large pearl in the middle. The inside message said, You are more precious than a pearl. The front of the card was decorated with glitter glue.

l. Starfish Sandwich
Cut bread with a star cookie cutter, spread with strawberry cream cheese, add grape slice eyes and strawberry sliver mouth.
2.Fruit Kabobs
On a small frilled toothpick, skewer 1 pineapple chunk, 1 melonball, and 1 small strawberry.
3. Island Cookie (found on the web)
Color purchased sugar cookie dough with blue paste coloring. Roll blue dough into a ball, flatten with the bottom of a sugared glass, "dig" a small hole in the center, and in the hole, place a small ball of purchased chocolate chip cookie dough. (Get it? An island surrounded by water!) I found a Hallmark sticker of a lady sitting on a beachtowel---we "glued" that on with a dab of frostening and stuck into the island, a paper umbrella.
4. Blue Hawaiian Drink
Blue drink from the grocery store with Sprite added.

l. While eating, Mother/child picture was taken with Polaroid
2. Played purchased Tropical Bingo. Each winner chose which gift all the mothers would open at the same time. We didn't clear our cards. . ...just continued playing until the 3 gifts were opened. (From Oriental Trading )
3. We sang 3 songs rewritten for Mother's Day. The musical notation for all 3 songs can be found in "Kid's Songs - A Holler Along Handbook" by Nancy Cassidy.
The songs are, Down By the Bay, Jamaica Farewell, and the Day-o Song. . ...songs are printed on the next page. We had the accompaniment of "steel drums" from a keyboard which I taped.

(chorus) Mom, Mom, Ma Ma Ma Mo
Mother's Day come and I love you so-o
Mom, Mom, Ma Ma Ma M0
Mother's Day come and I love you so

(verse 1) You cook, you clean, you wash my clothes
Mother's Day come and I love you so-o
You teach me manners, make me blow my nose
Mother's Day come and I love you so
(verse2) Come pretty Mama let me show you how I love you
Mother's Day come and I love you so-o
I'll clean the house and vaccuum the ru-ug
Mother's Day come and I love you so
I'll kiss you're face and give you lots of hu-ugs (these 4 lines
Mother's Day come and I love you so-o are a musical
I'll treat you nice, you're a very special Mo-om repeat of the
Mother's Day come and I love you so. First 4 in this verse)
(verse 3) You make sure I'm clean and you wash my hair
Mother's Day come and I love you so-o
You read me books and make me play fair
Mother's Day come and I love you so

Sing the song as written, but change the rhyming part to "things ALL Moms say" Here are some examples:
Make your bed-Do what I said
Clean your plate-Don't be late
Change your underwear-Because I care
Don't give me that look-Go read a book
Hug me tight-I'll leave on the light

These Mother's Day words were originally written by Lucy B., a kindergarten teacher/friend in my district. She wrote them to the tune of It's a Small World, with her chorus saying, Mom I love you, Yes I do. I adjusted the words to fit the Jamaica Farewell tune---added a little, left out a little.

(chorus) Well, I'm glad to say, on this happy day
Having you for my Mom, sure makes me feel gay.
My heart is happy and I want to shout
"You're the greatest Mom without a doubt"

(verse 1) Mom you teach me well with my ABCs
And you teach me how I should always say please
Mom you're so smart, and you're so kind
Mom, I'm really glad that you are mine
(verse 2) Mom you give me love and you give me cheer
And whenever I'm sad you will wipe my tear
You're my friend, my pal, Mom you're one great gal
And will I always love you? Yes I think I shall!

There were items that I bought, but I will have them for future Mother's Days. We collect an activity fee from the children at the beginning of the year. I saved $3 per child and that amount pretty much covered the cost of the party. Just a note on quantities of food. . ...I have 42 students, and 2 cans of pineapple chunks, l very large melon, 3 containers of cream cheese, 4 packages of sugar cookie and 2 packages of chocolate chip cookie dough were used. The children ate the same food as Mom. If you use this or change/add to it, please let me know---sharing always makes things better.