Grade: 1-2
Subject: Science

#4344. Bubbles

Science, level: 1-2
Posted Wed Apr 1 14:19:59 PDT 2009 by Heather Owens (Heather Owens).
Concepts Taught: Observation, hypothesize

Heather Date: 4-1-09

Grade Level: k-5 Topic/Unit: Science

The 5 senses will be covered. Kids will learn to observe, hypothesize, and conduct a simple investigation. They will observe movement, shapes, and colors. They will also learn how warm air rises.


S.IP.03.13 Plan and conduct simple and fair investigations

Learning Resources and Materials

Florist wire
Bubble pans

Development of Lesson
Each child will discuss the shapes a bubble makes. The students will then make any shape except a circle out of the florist wire. They will hypothesize what shape that bubble will be. Warm air from the student's lungs will be discussed. Warm air will be blown into the bubble. Heat rising will be discussed.


Students will do this activity individually. At the end a chart would be made to see if every bubble was the same shape even though the florist wire was a different shape. Questions such as what made the bubbles rise and what color, size, or shape is the bubble.


Straws could also be used. If there isn't enough material then groups could be created and the students would take turns.


I will help students reflect on what they have learned by discussing what has happened. The charts will also be helpful. I will have them draw pictures of bubbles using the colors they saw.