Grade: 3-5

#4345. english

Reading/Writing, level: 3-5
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Materials Required: board games, card games, dry erase boards, etc.
Activity Time: 90 minutes
Concepts Taught: parts of speech

• I will introduce verbs, adjectives, nouns, and pronouns.
• The child will enhkance on the skills already known about the concepts above.
• I will teach additional information that will aid in what the child already knows.

• I will prepare students for learning with a song that introduces the key concepts stated above.
• I will focus their attention and interest with the games cards and board games.
• I will connect the lesson plan to their past experience by playing a trivia game that allows me to see what they remember from before and teach them new skills.

• R.CM.00.01 Begin to make text-to-self and text-to-text connections and comparisons by activating prior knowledge and connecting personal knowledge and experience to ideas in text through oral and written responses.
• R.CM.00.04 Applies significant knowledge from grade-level English, science, social studies, and mathematics texts.

• Worksheets
• Game cards
• Overhead projector
• Pen
• Paper
• Individual Dry Erase Boards
• Dry Erase Markers
• English book
• Board Games

•I will use a teaching strategy that is based on keeping the child involved in the learning process. I will allow them to come to the board and get active in the learning process.
•For some of the games I will group the children.
I will use a varied approach because I have so many different learners in my classroom.
I will ask such questions to make sure my children are enjoying what their learning:
• Are you ready to have some fun learning?
• Do you know what a noun, pronoun, verb, or adjective is?
• Do you know where to place each of these concepts in a sentence?
• Did you know that some of these concepts require you to go in a certain order in order to be able to use them?
• How and when do we use these concepts?

Development of Lesson
• We will begin with a review from their English book
• I will introduce the card games
• We will play a game that involves the children being in groups using their dry erase boards.
• We will play board games
• We will play Jeopardy

Students will enter the room and get their English books. We will turn to page 234. Teacher and student will go over nouns and verbs. We will work together as a group and complete a few worksheets about nouns and verbs. Children will write me a very short story using verbs and nouns.
Children will enter the room and we will form a circle to play a card games that has the child group nouns up with correct verbs. Once we have grouped the verb and noun, the child will say a sentence using the words.
I will introduce adjectives and pronouns. The children and I will work on worksheets and we will get into groups to use or dry erase boards to write lots of adjectives and pronouns. Then the groups will use those words to write sentences on the boards. Those who come up with the most correct sentences will get to have lunch with the teacher.
We will play board game that enables the children to accentuate on what they have learned about adjectives and pronouns.
We will play a game of Jeopardy that incorporates all the concepts we have learned during the week.

• For my children with special needs I will focus on the card games and board games.
• For my children who may speak a second language I will form a group that stresses pronunciation.
• Though my lesson will be taught for all the children in my class I will use multilevel teaching and make sure to accommodate all the different learners in my classroom.

•I will institute a multilevel way of teaching. I will be aware of the children that need additional attention and I will form a group in which I can work with them while the rest of the class uses cooperative learning.

• I will check for understanding by walking around and monitoring the progress of the children. I will ask questions, and I will pay attention when playing the games to see who may not be getting it. I will give feedback in a one on one way and I will go over the concepts I noticed were not easily understood again.
• I will know whether or not the children have met their benchmarks by worksheets, and demonstrations done using the dry erase boards.
• The assessment I do which will be written report will show that the children have met their benchmarks and they are learning the concepts clearly.

At the end of the week we will play a game of Jeopardy that involves what we have gone over through the week. If all my children have learned what is needed we will move onto the next concepts. If I notice that there are some children that have not gotten it, we will do a short preview the following week.

Teacher Reflection
My benchmarks were supported by my observations, and the benchmarks were reflected in 90% of the students. I did not react to difficult circumstances, the format I choose to use when teaching my children allows me to meet all requirements needing to be met by my children.

• Board Games
• Dry Erase Boards
• Card Games
These tools worked because children enjoy more hands on fun ways of learning. I will add more manipulatives, and find ways the children can become more engaged. I think every child wants to be a part of something, especially their learning process. I learned learning is fun. I will get away from the same old sitting and copying and move ahead to a more hands on way of learning.