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Social Studies
Grade: Middle

#4346. Factors of Immigration

Social Studies, level: Middle
Posted Mon Mar 30 11:49:23 PDT 2009 by Leigh Stephenson (Leigh Stephenson).
Factors of Immigration
Wayne State University, Detroit, US
Materials Required: Inspiration 8
Activity Time: One hour
Concepts Taught: Brain Storming

Grade Level 7-12 Topic/Unit:Social Studies


Public Discourse and Decision Making -- engage in reasoned and informed decision making that should characterize each citizen's participation in American society.

Students will be able to identify with a public policy and demonstrate knowledge of why these come about. Students will also be able understand the push and pull factors of immigration and how they affect citizens of the United States.

Learning Resources and Materials
Students will be using the program Inspiration.

Development of Lesson
Determine what makes people leave their country of origin?
-What are the Push Factors?
-What are the Pull Factors?
-How does the immigration to another country affect the country of origin?
-How does the immigration affect the receiving country?

Students will use Inspiration 8 to make a bubble diagram to show how immigration affects both country of origin and receiving country. Students will research the reasons why people immigrate to other countries and what makes some countries more appealing to immigrate to. Students will work in small groups to brainstorm all the different factors they think apply to immigration.

I will assign about 3 students to a group. Each group will get a computer and there will be one student responsible for entering the information into Inspiration. I will make sure that at least one student knows how to use this software and can explain it to the other students in the group. I will monitor the groups to make sure everyone is learning how to use Inspiration and that they are all working together to make the brainstorming diagram. If anyone seems to be lost of falling behind, I may take them into my group and we can make a diagram together.

We will discuss the diagrams as a class and talk about why students listed the factors of immigration that they did. If everyone can identify at least one factor, and when asked can differentiate between Pushing Factors and Pulling Factors then I will consider the assignment a success.

I will make sure to monitor those students that seemed to have trouble with this assignment. If it seems that everyone is getting comfortable with the software, I will use it again for a future lesson. If not, I will have a "training session" to help those students who are struggling to get a grasp on it.

Teacher Reflection