Grade: Senior
Subject: Science

#4351. Cellular Respiration

Science, level: Senior
Posted Wed Apr 1 12:28:17 PDT 2009 by KMuscat (KMuscat).
Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

1. Begin with a class discussion on why we eat -- why types of foods give us energy vs. drain energy. Why do we need energy (use sports analogies).
2. Briefly Review cell structure, specifically mitochondria = "energy powerhouse". Any ideas why it got this name?
3. Show cell respiration/hockey video.
4. Move into lecture.
a) What is cellular respiration? Why is it important?
b) What is ATP? Why is it important?
c) What is aerobic respiration vs. anaerobic respiration? (start with big picture -- go back to sports analogy).
d) What are the major components of cellular respiration? Where in the cell does each of them take place? How much ATP does each component create?
• Food Intake
• Digestion
• Glycolysis
• Fermentation
• Citric Acid Cycle
• Electron Transport Chain (High level)
e) Go back to difference between aerobic & anaerobic respiration.
• What are the procedural differences?
• What are the outcome differences?
• Why do we have both processes? And is there a preference?