Grade: Senior

#4353. The High Court in Class

Social Studies, level: Senior
Posted Wed Apr 1 19:30:49 PDT 2009 by James Ellis (James Ellis).
Madison High School, Madison Heights
Materials Required: Copies of cases, smartboard,internet
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: Reviewing Supreme Court Cases and issuing student opinions

Students are divided in to 3 groups. Petitioner, Respondent, and Supreme Court

The Petitioner and Respondent groups are givent the facts of Supreme Court Case.

Each group identifies the Constitutional question involved in the case

Both sides then argue their case in front of Supreme Court based on the side they are issued.

Each group writes out how they believe the Court should rule.

The Court issues its opinion.

Student discuss the ruling and compare it with actual ruling by Court. Differences similiarities? Studetns will then write a reflection paper on how the case has effected society.