Grade: Senior
Subject: Computer

#4354. Internet Safety

Computer, level: Senior
Posted Fri Apr 3 00:42:57 PDT 2009 by Rosemary Brent (Rosemary Brent).
Renmark, South Australia, Australia
Materials Required: Computer room, Internet access, Printer
Activity Time: 5 or 6 50min lesons
Concepts Taught: Courtesy and safety using the internet, groupwork, critiquing.

Internet Safety


So you think you know about the web? You think you're safe? After all it's all in the computer, so how could it hurt you? Guess again.

The truth is: it's a jungle out there! It's full of traps for the unwary and vicious predators waiting to destroy your life.

It isn't safe but you can learn to protect yourself. You can learn to minimise your exposure to dark side of the web. How? By arming yourself with information and shielding yourself with the use of a little commonsense.


For this assignment, you will be working in pairs to research one of the dangers of the web. A library search tool has been created to give you a head start, just type "internet safety" in the library search window.

1. Choose one of the following three topics to research:
i. Cyberbullying
ii. Copyright
iii. Privacy (or lack of privacy!)

2. Consider and find the answers to these questions:
i. What is the definition of your topic?
ii. What are the applicable laws?
iii. What help is available?
iv. How can you protect yourself?

3. Design an A3 poster to present your research. You will hand up this poster electronically, so it may be printed for display in the classroom.

4. Write and deliver an oral presentation. This presentation must last for a minimum of two minutes and no longer than three minutes. You will need to develop supporting props to assist your delivery.


For this assignment, 20% of your mark will be through peer assessment. This will involve a review of your poster and oral presentation.

Content /10
Design /5
Overall Appeal /5

Content /5
Clear Communication /5
Supporting Props /5
Overall Presentation /5

Peer Assessment /10

Total /50