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#4355. Mother's Day gifts

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Posted Thu Apr 9 14:25:53 PDT 2009 by A Collection of ideas from EC Chatboard (A Collection of ideas from EC Chatboard).
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Concepts Taught: Mother's Day

Posted by sue:
Last year we painted frames and took black and white photo for the frames.

Posted by elsa:
I had the children draw a portrait of their mom and then asked them to tell me about their mother. I framed the portrait with their story.

Posted by Leah:
You could have them answer some questions about their mom or loved one (if the mom is deceased) and put them in a child decorated card. Some examples are:

What do you like about your _________?
What do you like to do with ____________?
What does ________ look like?
What is the most important thing he/she says?

Posted by SusanE:
My favorite mother's day gift was something I found on Dr. Jean's site many years ago. It was a gold sneaker that turned out looking like those bronzed baby shoes. You have each child bring in an old sneaker that they've outgrown or lost
the mate to. They then paint the sneaker all over with a watered down liquid glue solution. Let them dry then add another coat of glue. You'll need at least 2 or 3 coats of glue. The sneakers dry very hard. Then you spray paint them with a glossy gold paint. They turn out absolutely
beautiful! Parents loved them. Dr. Jean had a cute little poem that goes with them.

Posted by SAndy 4U:
We use an old sneaker and put a plant in it for a planter.

Posted by Kathleen - Teachers.Net
We've collected all the Mother's Day gifts and activities we could find on Teachers.Net and linked them from the April 09 issue of Teachers.Net Gazette. Just copy & paste this address:

into your browser. Be sure to check out ALL the links on that page because a single link can lead to dozens of fantastic, teacher-tested ideas!