Grade: 1-2
Subject: Science

#4361. Volcanoes Lesson

Science, level: 1-2
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Volcanoes Lesson

Name: ______________________

What is a volcano?

What type of rock material comes out of volcanoes? ___________________

What is the earth's center called?
A. The Middle of Jean Claude Kitty
B. The Core
C. The Foot

What types of material make up the center of the earth?
A. Iron and Nickel
B. Cats and More Cats
C. Oxygen and Hydrogen
D. Watermelon Juice

Do you think that it is hot in the middle of the earth? Why or why not?

The earth is made up of "interlocking pieces of land called ___________________ plates. Heat from the earth's core can escape to the outside through a gap between these plates, or heat can punch "through" the middle of a tectonic plate, releasing _____________ and heat to the outside.

Magma and Lava Venn diagram
Using the Venn diagram below show the similarities and differences between magma and lava?

Magma Lava

Who studies volcanoes?
a. Volcano Man
b. Volcanologist
c. Bridget Doodle Volcano Cat
d. Volleologist

What are the instruments that scientists use to predict volcanic activity? (Hint: Select 2)
a. seismographs
b. plategrams
c. chemical analysis
d. The knowledge of Jean Claude Kitty

What make a volcano active?

How safe would you feel living near an active volcano? ____________

What kinds of precautions and emergency procedures would a community that lives near a volcano need to consider?
List 5
1. ________________

2. _________________

3. _________________

4. _________________

5. _________________

Let's watch Bill Nye the Science Guy to learn a little bit more about volcanoes!

Write down 2 things that you learned from this video:

1. ___________________________________________________

2. ___________________________________________________


Visualize: What would a real volcano eruption look like? What would you see? What would you hear? What would you feel? What would you smell?

Building a Volcano

You need to follow all of the instructions "precisely" in order for your volcano to work correctly.

1. Get you materials. You will need:
• Large Pieces of Paper
• Modeling Clay or Salt Dough
• Small Empty plastic soda bottle
• Baking Pan
• Red Food Coloring
• Liquid Detergent
• Baking Soda
• Funnel
• Vinegar

2. Place the Soda Bottle in the Baking Pan.
3. Mold the Clay or Dough into a "Mountain" around the bottle.
4. DO NOT cover the bottle opening or allow any material to get inside the bottle.
5. Fill the bottle ALMOST to the top with warm water.
6. Ask Ms. Webb to add a few drops of red food coloring.
7. Place your volcano back on the Baking Pan
8. Use the Funnel to Add Baking Soda to the Bottle.


9. Use the funnel to slowly pour the vinegar into the bottle.

Draw a picture of the "action" that took place:

What did the read mixture that foamed out of the volcano represent? _____________________

How hot do you think lava is? ________________________

So What Really Happens When a Volcano Erupts?

The molten metal that makes up the earth's core is called _____________. Extreme heat can cause bubble of carbon dioxide gas in the magma to expand. This expanding gas pushes the magma to the _________ or opening of the volcano on the earth's surface. A volcanic ______________ eruption occurs when the magma overflows. The overflowing magma is also called ___________.

What 2 things did you mix together to create the carbon dioxide gas? ____________ and ________________

These gas bubbles build up inside the bottle, forcing the liquid out of the bottle.

Think About It:
How does a volcano eruption impact the environment?
How does it pact humans?