Grade: all
Subject: Special Ed

#4363. Fun Activity for Young Children with Autism

Special Ed, level: all
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Materials Required: Plastic Bottles, Glitter, Glue, Clear Duct Tape
Activity Time: 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: Art

SENSORY BOTTLES Art Activity- Sensory bottles are fun items your students can play with during sensory time or when you have a small (under 5 minutes) break in between activities. They are 20 oz soda bottles filled with water and glitter, beads, string or small pieces of colored tag board.

How to make this- Collect 20 oz. plastic bottles. Clean out the bottles. Fill the bottles with water 3/4 of the way. Add whatever you want to the bottle (glitter, food coloring, beads, string or small pieces of colored tag board). SEAL the top of the bottle by placing glue in the cap, drying the cap, then placing clear Duct tape (regular tape will not hold) around the seal. Be careful when allowing students to interact with the bottles, as some students will try their best to bite or open the caps. If you have students who might do this, try using glitter only in the inside of the bottle (no beads or paper). This is a great art activity to do with the students!!