Subject: Science

#4365. What Can the Wind Blow?

Science, level: Kindergarten
Posted Fri Apr 24 13:21:41 PDT 2009 by Kristen (Kristen).
El Sereno Elementary, Los Angeles, USA
Materials Required: digital cameras, paper, pencils, crayons
Activity Time: 1.25 hours, split over 2 days
Concepts Taught: Students will learn about the effects that the weather (wind) has on objects.

In this lesson students will learn to use digital cameras to take pictures of things that the wind can blow.

Students should first be instructed on how to handle a camera and which parts of the camera they are allowed to touch. You can decide based on your own students which buttons they will be allowed to use. I only let them use the on/off button and the one to take pictures. You can then show students how to focus the camera and use the screen to see what the pictures will look like.

Once the students are comfortable with the cameras, you can take the class outside on a windy day and let the students take pictures of things the wind is blowing (trees, flag, leaves, paper, bubbles). Having the students in small groups worked for my class.

You can then get the pictures developed or print them out. The students can then write a sentence about what the wind is blowing in the pictures. if you want to, you can bind the writing into a class wind book.