Grade: 3-5
Subject: Mathematics

#4366. Multiplication: Ice Cream Game

Mathematics, level: 3-5
Posted Sun Apr 26 15:39:08 PDT 2009 by MathGuy (MathGuy).
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New York, USA
Materials Required: None
Activity Time: 5 minutes
Concepts Taught: Multiplication, Basic Facts

Multiplication : Ice Cream Game

My kids love to play the ice cream game when they're learning their basic multiplication facts. It only takes 5 minutes and the kids love it.

When we're in the hall and I see a teacher passing by (who is not busy), I ask them if they want to play the ice cream game.

The teacher has a chance to win an ice cream (50 cents in the cafeteria) - from me - if they can stump one of my students.

Here's how they play:

The teacher has five chances to stump my students.

She chooses a student and asks them a multiplication fact. Any fact, 0-12. (example: She picks Billy and says, 12 x 8. Billy says, 96!)

The teacher selects five different students and asks each one a different multiplication fact. If she can stump any one of my students, I buy her an ice cream sandwich from the cafeteria.

If the teacher is unable to stump my students, the class WINS and I tell them how proud I am of them.

In the event a student LOSES by answering incorrectly, I make good on my bet for an ice cream. I give the student 50 cents to go to the cafeteria and buy an ice cream sandwich. They must then deliver it to the teacher who won the game. When they deliver the ice cream, they must say the fact, with the correct answer. And, when they get back to the room, they must write the multilication fact and the answer 10 times. Guarantee - they never forget the fact again.

This is a great game to play once your students know their facts well. And it's a great way for your kids to show-off their math skills. However, if they don't know their facts, you may be coughing up a lot of ice cream money.