Grade: 3-5
Subject: Mathematics

#4367. Multiplication: Calculator Multiples

Mathematics, level: 3-5
Posted Sun Apr 26 16:35:06 PDT 2009 by KidMultiply (KidMultiply).
Math Activities
Materials Required: calculators
Activity Time: 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: multiplication

When teaching kids to multiply, use a calculator to help them learn to "skip count".

For example, when learning the seven times tables, you would give students a calculator and have them type 7.

The whole class responds chorally, "7 times one equals 7".

Then everyone types " + 7 = " into the calculator. And the calculator reads "14." The kids all say, "Seven times two equals 14."

Then hit the equals key again. The calculator shows 21. The kids all say, "Seven times three equals 21."

They hit equals again and the calculator shows twenty-eight. And so on.

This is a great lesson because:

1. It teaches kids that multiplication is really repeated addition.

2. It teaches them to skip count to find multiples.

3. It can be done to teach students to multiply by any factor.