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#4375. energy

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Posted Wed Apr 29 10:53:32 PDT 2009 by Heather (Heather).

Heather Owens

Date: 4-29-09
Grade Level: 2nd grade

P.EN.E.1 Forms of energy
Learning Resources and Materials
Index cards
Colored pencils
Video camera

Before doing this assignment vocabulary will be given out. Ex: Endothermic, Exothermic, Heat, Light, Sound. . .etc.

Each student will take an index card and write one of the vocabulary words on one side. On the other side they will write the definition. All of the vocabulary words and definitions will be written this way. One on each card. As a group the students will pick four vocabulary words to video tape. I will ask parents if they have video cameras they can let us borrow for the day. The group will then have to video tape an example of each word. If the word is sound they can video tape something that makes the sound.

For special needs students I will have them in a group that accommodates them best. If they need to work by themselves I will work with them or watch them closely.
After this is done students will be able to show their videos.