Grade: Senior
Subject: Science

#4377. Global Warming

Science, level: Senior
Posted Wed Apr 29 13:17:15 PDT 2009 by K. Muscat (K. Muscat).
Wayne State University - Student, Detroit, MI

• Define
o Global Warming
• Explore causes: "Greenhouse Effect"
o Natural
o Man-made
• Explore Possible consequences
o Rising sea levels
o Glacier retreat
o Arctic shrinkage
o Altered agriculture patterns
o Extreme weather events
o Expansion of tropical diseases
o Economic impact

• Michigan Content Standard B3.4e List the possible causes and consequences of global warming.

Learning Resources and Materials

Development of Lesson

• What is global warming and why should we care? What do students already know?
• Go over basic definitions so that students understand the concept before listening to podcast.

• After introduction, listen to pieces of NPR podcast, "Global Warming is not a Crisis" in class. This is an edited 50 minute version of a debate between 6 individuals. If this is too much for the class to absorb or sit through, identify the top 2-3 speakers and their arguments.
• Periodically stop the podcast to review what the speaker said. List causes & consequences and arguments for/against a "Crisis" on a large wall-Post it (or electronic whiteboard if available).

• Two students have dyslexia and are slow readers:
o Provide electronic format of assignment so students can use word-processing software to assist with spelling and grammar.
o Provide Podcast link to class in addition to written transcript so students can listen to the broadcast as many times as they wish at home.
• One student has ADHD:
o Have student assist me with the giant Post-it note taking. It keeps the student engaged in the discussion as she is interacting with her classmates. Also, because she's standing, she can shift around and fidget without disrupting the other students.
• One student stutters when speaking in front of groups or strangers:
o Prearranged -- If student wants to speak during class discussions he will raise his hand and I will call on him, otherwise I will not. This relieves pressure to be on guard all the time and allows student to formulate his thoughts before expressing them, which helps with the stuttering.

• Students will write a 2 page essay on whether they believe Global Warming is a crisis. Students will include possible consequences of global and explain why they believe the consequences are critical or not.

• Share with class the results of essays. How many agree Global Warming is a crisis, how many do not.
• Assuming most do, discuss what they as individuals can do to reduce their own impact.

Teacher Reflection
• To be completed after the lesson.