Grade: Senior

#4388. Ancient Civilization lesson

Social Studies, level: Senior
Posted Wed Apr 29 19:15:57 PDT 2009 by alexberant (alexberant).
wanye state university , detroit

This lesson is for the student to understand the value of the earliest civilizations and how they laid the foundation for humans to exist the way they do today.


Students in groups will make a brochure explaining certain aspects of these civilizations that settled near the rivers such as the Tigris & Euphrates, Yangtze, Nile and Indus. Each group will take a river and create a mini tour guide explaining why civilization would occur at this spot, who resided there, when did civilization begin there, what is going on in that area today, and what religions are prominent there.

Learning Resources and Materials

Students will use the Internet for research, present it using some visual aide.

Development of Lesson

The lesson will begin by understanding the basic requirements of civilization and the resources it takes to make it work. The students will then learn why these areas rich in resources would be places of conflict through out most of history.


This lesson offers a great plan for students to educate themselves as well as their classmates with the oversight of the instructor there as an aide to the student.

The topic is pretty specific so there maybe issues with the student feeling limited by the questions. Feel free to open it up with adding insight on what the individual student is particularly interested in.


Students will be evaluated on their ability to understand the effects of these civilizations by applying and connecting the history with understanding why civilizations exist where they do today.

This will be an effective lesson for many students to learn about the creation of civilization and core elements of world history.

Teacher Reflection