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#4389. cultural awareness

, level: Senior
Posted Wed Apr 29 19:20:18 PDT 2009 by alexberant (alexberant).

Lesson for students go gain and understanding on different cultures globally in order to better understand international relationships as well as embracing diversity in everyday life.


Students will be giving a culture or religion of their choice to present electronically using technologies such as PowerPoint or podcasting. These presentations will include different music of the culture, wardrobe customs, dietary customs and why these countries eat different things then we do (if they do), religious practices and what they do for entertainment.

Learning Resources and Materials
This is a technology heavy project so internet sources will be most reliable.

Development of Lesson

The lesson should begin by establishing a way for the students to relate to people of different cultures. A good idea is having the class try an ethnic food, or participating in a fun game that is rooted in a different culture.

This lesson will be most effective with the excitement of the student. The best way for the student to get the most of this assignment is by keeping it FUN!

This assignment should be a fun way for students to learn about diversity around the globe. These assignments are to be presented to their peers. One trap maybe the students proclaiming these cultures are primitive or secondary to their own. A solution to this is ensuring the student focus is on the cultural practices not the political practices.


Students will be evaluated on their ability to interpret the different cultures and systems as well as their conclusion of WHY each system is effective or used in each nation.