Grade: Senior

#4391. industrial revolution folk lesson

Social Studies, level: Senior
Posted Wed Apr 29 19:25:55 PDT 2009 by alexberant (alexberant).


This lesson is for the student to compare life before and after the industrial revolution and the labor movement.


Students will evaluate society before and after the Wagner Act protected workers and established a gigantic middle class America. Students will develop this lesson by understanding the folk history of the time; study the typical American's lifestyles, wage and working conditions

Learning Resources and Materials
Internet and Reference materials are needed. Students may present is with visual aides or present it in a paper.

Development of Lesson
This lesson needs to be predicated by lessons on what the industrial revolution did. It involves understanding that manufacturing did not always exist, and the consequence was less people needing to farm because they could provide for their families in industrial jobs.
This lesson is to work alongside understanding of the folk history of the time. Visual aides can particularly be effective for this time frame as well.

This assignment can be interpreted broadly therefore assigning groups countries maybe an effective way to narrow down potential overwhelming pitfalls.


Students have the ability to see how industrialization immediately changed the ways of life for all American citizens.

This lesson is a good way to learn about how a big event changes life for everyday people verses how it changed business or government taking more of a micro approach.